Elliot Blair, Assistant Professor

25-E ten Hoor Hall | (205) 348-6542 | ehblair@ua.edu


  • Complex societies of the Americans
  • Mississippi and Colonial Southeast U.S.
  • Mission Santa Catalina de Guale

John H. Blitz, Professor Emeritus

25-D ten Hoor Hall | (205) 348-4074 | jblitz@ua.edu


  • Theoretical: Anthropological archaeology, origins of rank, class, and complex societies, sociopolitical differentiation and integration, political economy of households and communities, material correlates of social memory and collective identity, technological change
  • Methodological: regional and site settlement analysis, pottery chronology and function, analysis of monumental architecture
  • Regional and Temporal: U.S. Southeast, especially Mississippian and Woodland periods (Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia), Maya Lowlands (Belize)

Ian W. Brown, Professor Emeritus

416 Mary Harmon Bryant Hall | (205) 348-9758 | ibrown@ua.edu


  • Southeastern U. S. archaeology
  • Museum anthropology
  • Archaeological material culture
  • Native American prehistory and ethnohistory
  • The role of salt in world history and prehistory
  • Historical archaeology
  • Historic cemeteries and gravestone studies
Rachel Cajigas

Rachel Cajigas, Instructor

25F ten Hoor | rmcajigas@ua.edu


  • geoarchaeology
  • early agriculture in NW Mexico/SW United States
  • Southeastern archaeology
  • mound building and monumental architecture
  • coastal environments
  • shallow geophysical prospection

Katherine L. Chiou, Assistant Professor

24-D ten Hoor Hall / LAB: 415 Mary Harmon Bryant Hall | (205) 348-1929 | klchiou@ua.edu


  • Anthropological Archaeology
  • Paleoethnobotany/Archaeobotany
  • Andean Archaeology
  • Archaeology of Food
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and 3D Modeling
  • Household Archaeology
  • Archaeological Ethics
  • Genus Capsicum


Richard Diehl, Professor Emeritus


Richard Diehl is a Mesoamerican archaeologist. He received his education from William T. Sanders and Paul T. Baker, who taught him cultural ecology, cultural evolution, and the centrality of field research to all good anthropology. Diehl’s research has focused on the pre-Columbian cultures of central Mexico and the Olmec culture of the tropical lowlands of the Mexican Gulf coast (see Olmec head in photo to the right). His field research includes projects at Tula, San Lorenzo Tenochtitlán Matacapan, Kaminaljuyu, and La Mojarra, settlement pattern surveys in the Basin of Mexico, and ethnographic research on contemporary settlement patterns in the Basin of Mexico and peasant agriculture in the tropical lowlands of Veracruz.

Vernon James Knight, Professor Emeritus

(205) 348-2026 | vknight@ua.edu

Knight’s interests include the origin and development of complex societies, the archaeology of social organization and religion, and archaeological approaches to iconography. His work particularly concerns the late prehistoric, early historic, and colonial periods of the Southeast and Caribbean, with emphasis on ethnohistorical reconstruction. Knight believes that graduates of a course of study in anthropological archaeology should be at home in the field, in the laboratory, in the classroom, and in the museum. He views his role in graduate training as primarily one of developing the student’s research competence, both through guiding their mastery of published scholarship and through providing opportunities for practical experience. He serves with the Museum of Natural History as Curator of Southeastern Archaeology.

Richard Krause, Professor Emeritus


He has conducted field research in the Great Plains of North America, Alaska, South Africa, Yucatán and the Southeastern United States. His primary interests include ethnoarchaeology, pottery manufacture and use from both ethnographic and archaeological perspectives, the articulation of mid-range theory with field and laboratory research and the epistemological precision of basic units of analysis, classification, and interpretation.

Cameron Lacquement, Assistant Teaching Professor

24-C ten Hoor Hall | (205) 348-1961 | clacquement@ua.edu

  • Southeastern archaeology
  • Monumental and domestic architecture
  • Moundville

Lisa LeCount, Professor

25-C ten Hoor Hall | 205-348-3733 | llecount@as.ua.edu


  • Latin American archaeology
  • Origins of ancient Maya states
  • Pre-Columbian households
  • Feasting
  • Pottery

Alexandre Tokovinine, Assistant Professor

25-B ten Hoor Hall | (205) 348-1906 | atokovinine@ua.edu


  • Maya archaeology and epigraphy
  • Iconography
  • 3D scanning and virtual reality

Joseph Vogel, Professor Emeritus