Dr. Katherine Chiou Named Arts & Sciences Distinguished Teaching Fellow

Dr. Katie Chiou has been selected as a College of Arts & Sciences Distinguished Teaching Fellow (DTF).
This highly competitive recognition follows her selection 2 years ago by the National Alumni Association Outstanding Commitment to Teaching Awardee. The DTF runs for three years, during which Dr. Chiou will join the small group of other fellows to develop resources for excellence in teaching within the College.
Her priorities include: Teaching through the Applied Lens: Workforce Development; Enhancing Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Training through Ethics-Centered Teaching; and Promoting Teaching Excellence through Programmatic Effort including PR, public engagement, and science communication efforts. She is co-leading an initiative to cibsuder how to confront new challenges such as AI large language models (i.e.,ChatGPT and its analogues) with a view to how they can enhance student learning rather than exclusively focusing on their risks.