Master’s Alumni


Brianna Bryan

Thesis: Evidence for Repetitive Kneeling in a Byzantine Monastic Collection at St. Stephen’s Basilica

Steven Filoromo

Thesis: Snow’s Bend and the Landscapes of Moundville’s Chiefdom: A Multi-method Geophysical Survey

Emily Locke

Thesis: “Just Take it Off the Plate”: A Syndemic Model of Low Breastfeeding Rates and Maternal Stress in Southern Alabama

Olivia Radcliffe

Thesis: The Ones Left Behind: The Social Determinants of Health in an Aging Population in the Northern Peruvian Highlands

Julia Sponholtz

Thesis: Eating the Valley: A Paleoethnobotanical Investigation of Local Food Use and Identity in the Cinti Valley, Bolivia in the Late Intermediate Period


Baili Gall

Thesis: Parent and Child Well-being in the Context of Food Security: An Assessment of Federal Nutrition Programs and Perceived Stigma

Caleb Ranum

Thesis:  Plant Use in the Platform-Chamber Complex: A Paleoethnobotanical Study of Structure 1 at Alto Pukara, Taraco Peninsula, Lake Titicaca, Bolivia

Emi Smith

Thesis: From the Accused to the Empowered: A Cultural Model of Identity and Witchcraft in New Orleans


Randy Arnold

Thesis: Cultural Consonance in Narrative:  An Example in the Transition to Retirement

Lindsey Gilliland

Thesis: Examining Inter and Intra-site Practices Surrounding the Burial Goods and Skeletal Pathology of Children’s Burials in the Pickwick Basin of Alabama

Clay Nelson

Thesis: Material Evidence for Early Coalescence: The Hightower Village Site (1Ta150) in the Coosa River Valley

Dillon Patterson

Thesis: The Agency of Ibogaine: Emic Understandings of a Grassroots Psychiatry
Honors: University of Alabama and College of Arts and Sciences Outstanding Research by a Master’s Student Awards

Jonathan (Wade) Tidwell

Thesis: Archaeological Investigations of Magnetic Anomalies in the Northern Settlement Area at Acutuncan, Belize
Honors: University of Alabama and College of Arts and Sciences Outstanding Thesis Awards


Cayla Colclasure

Thesis: Examining Change, Persistence, and Variation in the Role of Invertebrate Fauna in Mission‐era Guale Foodways on St. Catherines Island, GA
Honors: University of Alabama and College of Arts and Sciences Outstanding Thesis Awards

Michael Dodson

Thesis: Sensory Knowledge and Cultural Capital Among Coffee Connoisseurs

Kevin Pierce Wright

Thesis: Hidden in the Matrix: Using Compositional Analyses to Examine Social Boundaries at the Chickasawhay Creek Sites


Taylor Lawhon

Thesis: “Classic Maya Palace Complex at Actuncan, Belize: A Functional Analysis of Room Architecture and Ceramic Assemblages”

Karl Bennett

Thesis: “Cultural Consensus Models of Strategy Among Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Practitioners in Atlanta, GA”

Clare Farrow

Non-thesis (Plan II)

Emily Hoskins

Non-thesis (Plan II)

Nicholas Roy

Non-thesis (Plan II)

Hannah Smith

Non-Thesis (Accelerated Master’s Student)

Daryll Spangler

Thesis: “Human Canalization and Female Growth Buffering with Drosophila as a Model Organism”

Monika Wanis

Thesis: “Traditional Health Seeking Practices Among Rural and Urban Negev Bedouin Populations in Israel”


Larry Monocello

Thesis: “Flower Boys and Muscled Men: A Comparison of South Korean and American Body Ideals Using Cultural Consensus Analysis”

Diana Simpson

Thesis: “Cheating Death in Prehistory: Pathology, Trauma, and Care during the Archaic Period in North Alabama”

Anna Bianchi

Thesis: “Framing Health Deservingness of Undocumented Immigrants: Perspectives from Health Workers in Two Alabama Clinics”

Robert Templin

Thesis: “Interpreting Compositional Variability in European Glasses: A Study of Black Glass Trade Beads from 17th-Century Mission Santa Catalina de Guale”

Jacob Aronoff

Thesis: “Life History Strategies, Testosterone, and the Anthropology of Human Development”


Edward Quinn

Thesis: “Explaining inequalities in cell-mediated immunity: An anthropological perspective”

Nikki Henderson

Thesis: “Connections between the Folk Psychiatry of Addiction and Levels of Attributed Stigma”

Camille Morgan

Thesis: “Trauma Fractures and the Brutality of Sport: Exploring Evidence of Gaming in the Mississippian Southeast”

Cassie Medeiros

Thesis: “Lost Lightnin’: Moonshine in Alabama as Represented in the Archaeological Record.”


Kareen Hawsey

Thesis: Vessel Morphology and Function in the West Jefferson Phase of the Black Warrior River Valley, Alabama

Lessye DeMoss

Thesis: A Cultural Model of Life Goals for Young Men in the Roanoke Valley

Johnna Teresa Dominguez

Thesis: “Nice Ink, Man”: A Biocultural, Mixed Methods Approach to Tattooing as Costly Honest Signaling Among Southern Women

Kelsey Herndon

Thesis: The Embodiment of Status in the Mississippian Component of the Perry Site

Luke Donahoo

Thesis: Group Mobility and Lithic Resource Use in the Archaic to Woodland Transition at the Morrow Site

Brass Bralley

Non-thesis (Plan II)

Angelica Callery

Non-thesis (Plan II)


Kara Alspaugh

Thesis: The Terminal Woodland: Examining Late Occupation on Mound D at Toltec Mounds (3LN2), Central Arkansas

Joynn Amrine Goertz

Non-thesis (Plan II)

Achsah Dorsey

Thesis: Food Insecurity, Maternal Mental Health, and Child Well-Being in NW Tanzania
Honors: University of Alabama and College of Arts and Sciences Outstanding Research by a Master’s Student Awards

Charles Ross Owens

Thesis: How Smart Phones Affect Skin Conductance and Social Support Systems Among Students at the University of Alabama

Ashley Stewart

Thesis: Entanglements in Life and Death: Multiple Burials from the Pickwick Basin

Emma Koenig

Thesis: Terminal Deposits and Abandonment Processes at Aguacate Uno, Belize

Elizabeth Wix

Thesis: Mississippian Kinship and the Organization of Koger’s Island Cemetery Rows

Elise Duffield

Non-thesis (Plan II)

Clay Nelson

Thesis: Mortuary Practices, Social Status, and Wealth at the Rhodes Site in Moundville, Alabama


Joseph Anderson

Non-thesis (Plan II)

Michael Goldstein

Non-thesis (Plan II)

Denise Gonzalez

Non-thesis (Plan II)

Petrina Kelly

Thesis: Mound R1 and the Problem of the Minor Mound at Moundville

Heath Kinzer

Non-thesis (Plan II)

Sarah Morrow

Thesis: Social Capital, Food Secuirty, and Resource Utilization in a Low Income Population

Maria Panakhyo

Thesis: Evaluation of the Methodology for Addressing Commingled Human Remains from the Lewis Jones Cave Ossuary (1SC42) in St. Clair, Alabama

Daniel Salberg

Thesis: Ceramics and the Political Economy of Moundville: A Compositional Study Using Neutron Activation Analysis

Bobbie Simova

Thesis: Identity Formation Formation among the Ancient Maya as Reconstructed from Late Preclassic to Early Classic Domestic Contexts at the Site of Actuncan, Belize

Leah Wiegand

Thesis: Detecting Preference in the Archaeological Record: A Study of Glass Trade Beads Among the Natchez Indians


Hillary Burt

Thesis: An Anthropological Reconstruction of Historic Population Movements in Tuscaloosa County using Cemetery Analysis

Sara Shults

Thesis: Uncovering Ancient Maya Exchange Networks: Using the Distributional Approach to Interpret Obsidian Exchange at Actuncan, Belize

Max Stein

Thesis: Examining Urban and Rural Cultural Models of Nervios in Honduras through a Biocultural Lens


Rachel Virginia Briggs

Thesis: Negotiating the Area Between: Exploration of an Eighteenth Century Upper Creek Settlement in the Lower Black Warrior River Valley

Catherine Buzney

Thesis: Pubertal Plasticity: Biological, Social, and Cultural Factors Driving Timing of Female Reproductive Maturation

Heather Long

Thesis: Good Ol’ Boys: Masculinity and Stress in Southern Males

Erik Porth

Thesis: Raised Ground, Razed Structure: Ceramic Chronology, Occupation and Chiefly Authority on Mound P at Moundville

J. Andrew Scruggs

Non-thesis (Plan II)

Carolyn Smith

Thesis: Life Goals and Eating Disorders among Adolescent Girls in Birmingham, Alabama

Anthony Smith

Non-thesis (Plan II)

Kyle Stewart

Non-thesis (Plan II)


Paul Eubanks

Thesis: Interaction, Sedentism, and Aggregation in Woodland-stage Central Alabama

Dan Mullins

Thesis: Problems and Prospects for a Cognitive Science of Religion: Minimal Counter-intuitiveness, Epistemic Congruency, Sex, and Context in the Epidemiology of Cultural Representations in South India

Amanda Owens

Thesis: A Reexamination of Cremated Remains from the Archaeological Record: An Evaluation of the Process and Application of Current Methods

Brian Robbins

Thesis: Osteoarthritis Among the Mississippians: A Comparison of Health and Lifestyle Between the Inhabitants of Moundville and Seven Mile Island

Merritt Smith

Thesis: Skeletal Evidence of the Treatment of the Elderly between the Archaic and Mississippian Periods in the Southeastern United States

Martina Thomas

Thesis: Perceptions of Body Image Among Low Socioeconomic Status African American Mothers and their Daughters in Mobile, Alabama


Andrea Adams

Thesis: Investigation of Late Woodland Social Interactions at the Bridgeport Site (!JA574), Alabama

Daniel LaDu

Thesis: The Changing Landscape of Mazique (22Ad502), a late prehistoric mound center in Adams County, Mississippi

Michelle Satcher

Thesis: Mental Health Treatment-Seeking Behaviors of African-American Women in the Southern United States

Phillip Thompson

Thesis: Soka Gakkai Buddhists in Alabama: Reproduction of SGI’s Cultural Model

Brandon Thompson

Thesis: A Comparative Health Analysis of the Historic African American Cemetery Population from 1LA151, Foster Cemetery, to Three Contemporaneous Historic Southeastern African American Cemetery Populations

Sonia Williford

Non-thesis (Plan II)


Casey R. Barrier

Thesis: Surplus Storage at Early Moundville: The Distribution of Oversized Jars at Mound W and Other Off-Mound Locations

Benjamin Blakely Brooks

Thesis: Using a Social Stress Gauge to Study Chocake and Social Stress Among Participants of the Callejon de Huaylas Valley, Peru: A Case-Control Study

Jayur Madhusudan Mehta

Thesis: A Study of Sweat Lodges in the Southeastern United States

Steven M. Meredith

Thesis: An Analysis of Alexander Culture Pottery in the Alabama Valley and Ridge Physiographic Province

Paul Daniel Noe

Thesis: Indigenous Resistance and Revitalization in Sixteenth-Century Cuba, 1510-550


Melissa Daniell Chronister

Thesis: Marginalized in Life, Forsaken in Death: Mortuary Practices for the Feeble and Undisireable in the Prehistoric Southeast

Brian David Padgett

Thesis: Islands in the River of Time: The Bioarcheology of Two Village Sites (1MS32 and 1MS100) in Marshall County, Alabama, with New Interpretations of the Ethnohistoric and Archeological Records (Vols 1 and 2)

Erin Elizabeth Phillips

Thesis: Social Status as Seen Through the Distribution of Paint Palettes, Stone Pendants, and Copper Gorgets in Moundville Burials

Mary Spanos

Thesis: Mississippian Textiles at Beckum Village (1CK24), Clarke County, Alabama


Patty Alleman-Velez

Thesis: Cervical Cancer and Family Planning: Culture, Beliefs and Behaviors in Northeastern Jamaica

Toni J. Copeland

Thesis: HIV-Positive Women in Nairobi, Kenya: Poverty, Urban Migratin and Cultural Models of Social Support

Matt Grunewald

Thesis: Prehistoric Tallahatta Sandstone, Procurement, Reduction, and Utilization at the Joe Long Site, 1Ck305

Alice A. Ivas

Thesis: Caught in the Middle: the Apalachees of Colonial Mobile

Pamela Anne Johnson

Thesis: The Occupational History of Mound ‘W’ at Moundville, Alabama

Brad R. Lieb

Thesis: The Grand Village is Silent: An Archeological and Ethnohistorical Study of the Natchez Indian Refuge Among the Chickasaws in the Eighteenth Century


Steven Edward Barry

Thesis: Lithic Raw Materials and Chipped Stone Tools: A Comparison of Two Sites in the Moundville Chiefdom

Christine Newton Newkirk

Thesis: Social Class and Food Knowledge in Ribeirao, Brazil

Robert Scott

Thesis: Artifact Distributions, Activities and Material Culture at the Historic Lower Creek Town of Kasita

Laura Wood

Thesis: The Middle Woodland Hyland Mound Site (22WR679) in Mississippi: The Utility of Systematic Surface Collections


Ryan Wesley Shaw

Thesis: Preference, Function and the Law: Examining Changes in Tabasco Bottle Design

Ben Shields

Thesis: Occupational/Welfare-Related Trauma in the Pickwick Basin/Middle Archaic

Kimberly Walters

Thesis: Predicting the Holy Ghost: LDS Conversion in India

Matthew P. White

Thesis: A Culture History Mystery Along the Banks of the Tennessee: Determining the Cultural Affiliation of the Red Fox Mound Site Through Its Ceramic Assemblage


Clifford Thomas Lewis

Thesis: Yellowed Pages and Faded Print: Nineteenth-century Indians in Southwest Alabama Newspapers

Miranda Moore

Thesis: From Plantaino to Industry in the Landscape of Homestead Hill (16Ib130), Avery Island, Louisiana

Jennifer L. Myer

Thesis: Among the Fields: Mississippian Settlement Patterns in the Black Warrior Valley, Alabama
Honors: University of Alabama and College of Arts and Sciences Award for Excellence in Research by a Masters Student


Ashley A. Dumas

Thesis: Archaeology at the Original Tabasco Factory, Avery Island, Louisiana.
Honors: University of Alabama and the College of Arts and Sciences Award for Excellence in Research by a Masters Student

Christina Ann Hendrickson

Thesis: The Use of Cranial and Postcranial Nonmetric Skeletal Traits to Determine Genetic Relationships at site 1Ja574, Bridgeport, AL

Kimberly Sue Neutziling

Thesis: Trauma: Changes from the Middle to Late Archaic in the Pickwick Basin

Amanda Leigh Regnier

Thesis: Stylistic Analysis of Burial Urns from the Protohistoric Period in Central Alabama

Tara Christine Robertson

Thesis: Patterns of Help-Seeking Behavior of Residents in a Battered Women’s Shelter: The Role of Social Support


Jessica Malini Edwards

Thesis: Reproductive Perceptions and Family Planning Among the Iban

Matthew David Gage

Thesis: Ground-Penetrating Radar and Core Sampling at the Moundville Site.
Honors: University of Alabama and the College of Arts and Sciences Outstanding Research by a Masters Student Award

Scott Hammerstedt

Thesis: Characteristics of Mississippian Settlement in the Black Warrior Valley, Alabama

Keith J. Little

Thesis: Late Holocene Climate Fluctuations and Culture Change in the Southeastern United States: Evidence from the Tennessee Valley

Jon Bernard Marcoux

Thesis: Display Goods Production and Circulation in the Moundville Chiefdom: A Mississippian Dilemma

Stacy McGrath

Thesis: An Ethnohistorical, Archaeological, Osteological, and Mitochondrial DNA Analysis of a 19th Century African American Cemetery: A Methodological Case Study.
Honors: College of Arts and Sciences Outstanding Thesis Award


Mikael Haller

Thesis: Was Napoleon the Result of a Great Event of Being a Big Man or Was He Just a Pig? In Search of the Origin of Hereditary Inequality at Paso de la Amada, Chiapas, Mexico

Clete Rooney

Thesis: Institutional Expression in Nineteenth Century Cemeteries: The Alabama Insane Hospital Cemetery

Karen Yvonne Smith

Thesis: From Pots to Potters: Ceramic Manufacture at Fairchild’s Landing, Seminole County, Georgia


Judith Gillies

Thesis: A Preliminary Study of Moundville Hemphill Representational Engraved Ceramic Art Style

Kenton Paul Johnson

Thesis: Middle Bronze II Age Fortified Sites in Cisjordan: Functional or Symbolic?

Meghan LaGraff

Thesis: Change in Material culture of the Huron Indians as a Result of Contact

Michael Lucas Loughlin

Thesis: Debating the Olmec: Cultura Madre vs. Cultura Hermana

Scott C. Meeks

Thesis: The Use and Function of Late Middle Archaic Projectile Points in the Midsouth

Janelle Marie Meyer

Thesis: Medical Treatment Choice in Martinique.

Godfrey Fuji Noe

Thesis: Love and Happiness: An Ethnographic Study of Young Black Men at a Black Baptist Church

Mary Shannon Weiss

Thesis: Alabama Mound Exploration by the Smithsonian Institution’s Bureau of Ethnology, 1882-1886

Karla Wesley

Thesis: Ecotourism in the Peruvian Amazon: A Case Study from the Bora Village of San Andres

Kristen M. Zschomler

Thesis: Impact of European Materials on the Traditional Tool Culture of the Copper Inuit


Virgil Beasley

Thesis: Excavations at the Mound 4, Block 1 Locale of the Anna Site (22Ad1), Adams County, Mississippi

Robin A. Beck

Thesis: Burke Phase Settlements in the Upper Catawba Valley.
Honors: College of Arts and Sciences Outstanding Thesis Award

Edmond A Boudreaux III

Thesis: Chronology at the Cotton Mounds, Warren County, Mississippi

Ryan A. Crutchfield

Thesis: A Comparative Analysis of Ceramic Manufacturing Techniques Between the Guana Caste-Nicoya, Central Highlands-Atlantic Watershed and Diquis Archaeological Zones, Costa Rica

Vanessa Louise Fuller

Thesis: Physician Characteristics and Patient Patterns in Prenatal Care

Hunter B. Johnson

Thesis: An Archaeological Survey of Lower Big Black River, Mississippi

Charlan D. Kroelinger

Thesis: An Analysis of Unwanted Pregnancy in Lower Income Women

Jill Hancock Miller

Thesis: The NLU-UAB Research Project at Poverty Point Excavation Ridge 2 N.W. Sector

Elizabeth Anne Ryba

Thesis: Summit Architecture on Mound E at Moundville

Kevin E. Schatte

Thesis: Stylistic Analysis of the Winged Serpent Theme at Moundville.


Robyn L. Astin

Thesis: Mound M: Chronology and Function at Moundville.

Greg Hendryx

Thesis: Settlement Preferences Among Prehistoric Peoples of Alabama.

Paul D. Jackson

Thesis: An Examination of Late Woodland Features in the Tombigbee Black Warrior, and Tennessee River Valleys.

Lynette M. Nyman

Thesis: Purity, Pollution, and Power Among Rom Women in a Southern Polish Town.
Honors: College of Arts and Sciences Outstanding Thesis Award

Aleta B. Robertson

Thesis: Cranial Discrete Trait Analysis of Four Mississippian Sites: An Investigation of Genetic Relationships Between Prehistoric Populations in Alabama

Kristi E. Taft

Thesis: Functionally Relevant Classes of Pottery at Moundville


R. Colby Allsbrook

Thesis: Limestone, Grog and Shell: An Intemperate View of Pottery Temper in the Tennessee Valley

Jennifer Y. Fillion

Thesis: Diaphyseal Remodeling in the Femur and the Prediction of Body Weight in Adult Humans

Hyla L. Lacefield

Thesis: A Preliminary Study of Moundville Engraved Pottery

Patrick M. McElroy

Thesis: The Confederate Battle Flag: Social History and Cultural Contestation

Allan D. Meyers

Thesis: Characteristics of Historic Creek Household Organization: Evidence from Plow-Disturbed Contexts


Terry L. Lolley

Thesis: Ethnohistory and Archaeology: A Map Method for Locating Historic Upper Creek Indian Towns and Villages

David W. Morgan

Thesis: An Analysis of Historic Period Chickasaw Settlement Patterns
Honors: University of Alabama Outstanding Thesis Award

Shannon Rogers

Thesis: A Brief History of the Problem of Etruscan Origins and Language

Orval E. Shinn

Thesis: Red Fox Mound: An Analysis of the Pottery and Stone


Amy L. Knight

Thesis: The Effects of Modernization on Blood Pressure in Samoan Men and Women.
Honors: College of Arts and Sciences Outstanding Thesis Award


Billy J. Grantham

Thesis: Modern Bugata and Ancient Gasrin: The Ethnoarchaeology of Cuisine in the Golan Heights
Honors: College of Arts and Sciences Outstanding Thesis Award


Chris S. McLaughlin

Thesis: Early Historic Exploitation of the Lower Mississippi Valley: Exploring the Non Caloric Values of Hard Tissue


Caryn R. Hollingsworth

Thesis: The Archaeology of Sheeps Bluff Shelter (1Fr324), Franklin County, AL

Agneta Johannsen

Thesis: Applied Anthropology and Post-Modernist Ethnography
Honors: University of Alabama Outstanding Thesis Award


Paula D. Gwin

Thesis: Attitudes and Knowledge About Breast-Feeding Among Medical Residents in Tuscaloosa, Alabama

William S. McGraw

Thesis: An Analysis of Various Demographic Parameters for Eighteen Primate Species at the Birmingham Zoo


Abebe Kifleyesus

Thesis: Strategies in a Native North American Primary: The Politics of Tribal Election Among the Dine

Chen-Hsin Lo

Thesis: Ritual and Community in a Southern Town
Honors: University of Alabama Outstanding Thesis Award

Judy A. Sproles

Thesis: Ritual and Consciousness: An Evaluation of Approaches


James M. Callaghan

Thesis: The Morphology of the Snodgrass Small Mound (1JA99), Jackson County, Alabama

Beverly S. Curry

Thesis: Bahamian FoodWays: A Study of Two Islands in the Bahamas


Wonhee Lee

Thesis: An Ethnographic Study of a Methodist Church in West Alabama


Mary C. Argo

Thesis: Patterns of Childhood Illness and Malnutrition in Komchen, Yucatan

Claudina E. Cabrera

Thesis: Variation in Samoan Blood Pressure


Lawrence S. Alexander

Thesis: A Tradition of White Oak Basketry in Tennessee


Sadakah A. Barashi

Thesis: Transformation in Islamic Religious Architecture: An Anthropological Perspective

Michael P. Donisi

Thesis: The Incidences and Patterns of Long Bone Fractures in Selected Prehistoric Human Skeletal Series from the Central Tennessee River Valley of Alabama

Ibrahim M. Reseeni

Thesis: The Traditional and the Modern in Domestic Architecture: A Saudi Arabian Example


Glenda J. Driskell

Thesis: An Ethnomusicological Account of the Yucatan Fiesta

Hal B. Ensor

Thesis: Lithic Morphology, Technology, and Use in the Central Tombigbee Drainage: The Miller II and Miller III Phases

Faiz Ali Hussein Saleem

Thesis: An Anthropological Survey of the Al-Jharadiyah Tribes


Gloria M. Caddell

Thesis: Plant Resources, Archaeological Plant Remains, and Prehistoric Plant Tombigbee River Use Patterns in the Central Valley


Bruce D. Bizzoco

Thesis: Archaeological Salvage Investigations at 1Ba196: Baldwin County, Alabama

Susan D. Gillespie

Thesis: The Use of Procedural Modes to Classify Chipped Stone Tools

William H. Pelham

Thesis: Polyandry: A Cross-Cultural Study

Shelby K. Zeanah

Thesis: Ideal Patterns, Approved Variations, Patterned Scandals and Beyond in a Small Southern Community


Victor K. Fleming

Thesis: Historic Aboriginal Occupation of the Guntersville Basin, Alabama


Bascom M. Brooms

Thesis: The Collier-Boone House: A Study in Historical Archaeology

John W. O’Hear

Thesis: Site 1Je32: Community Organization in the West Jefferson Phase


Julia R. Hixon

Thesis: Adaptability of the Indian Caste System


Nancy J. Brock

Thesis: Egyptian Copts in National and World Context: A Coptic View

Cailup B. Curren

Thesis: An Ethnozoological Analysis of the Vertebrate Remains, Little Bear Creek Site (Ct8)

Eugene M. Futato

Thesis: I-65 Highway Salvage: The Position of Twelve Archaeological Sites in Central Alabama Prehistory


Ralph H. Bunn

Thesis: An Analysis of the Dental Material from Pinson Cave

Regina J. Kinsaul

Thesis: Microscopic Analysis of Certain Stone Tools from 1Mg74

Richard T. Roberts

Thesis: Tahiti: Focal Point of Diffusion in Polynesia


Lois A. Bartelme

Thesis: A Comparative Study of Two Rural Markets: Ticul, Yucatan and Northport, Alabama

Carey B. Oakley

Thesis: An Archaeological Investigation of Pinson Cave (1Je20)

George H. Stopp

Thesis: The Impact of the 1964 Civil Rights Act on an Isolated Tri-Racial Group


John W. Cottier

Thesis: Preliminary Archaeological Investigations at X-Kukican, Yucatan, Mexico

Jerry J. Nielsen

Thesis: Archaeological Investigations at Site 1Au28 in the Jones Bluff Reservoir on the Alabama River

Noel R. Stowe

Thesis: Prehistoric Cultural Ecology in Northwest Alabama


Charles H. Ainsworth

Thesis: A Study of Cultural Change Among the Ute Indians.

Oscar W. Brock

Thesis: The Transition from the Paleo-Indian to the Archaic in the Tennessee Valley

Robert I. Gilbert

Thesis: Papua: Its Transformation by Culture Contact

Jane Inez Lumpkin

Thesis: The Archaeology of Tell es-Sultan (Palestine) and Windmill Hill (England) and Their Chronological Positions in the Old Word Neolithic


Leon Gillaspie

Thesis: Applied Anthropology in Christian Missions: Problems, Practices, and Potentialities


Vincent J. Fasano

Thesis: The Australian Aborigines, 1788-1967: Socio-Cultural Transformations and Present Conditions

Guy H. Wolf

Thesis: Shilluk Social Structure, Political Process, and Divine Kingship


Joseph Langford Benthall

Thesis: A Study of Flint and Ceramic Relationships at Four Selected Alabama Aboriginal Sites

J. Bennett Graham

Thesis: An Archaeological Local Sequence Chronology in the Lock 3 Reservoir

Carole E. Hill

Thesis: Acculturation in the Sahara: Its Impact on Nomadism


Edward Barna Kurjack

Thesis: Domestic Architecture and Social Stratification at Dzibilchaltum, Yucatan


Lynn Ross Morrell

Thesis: The Woods Island Site in Southeastern Acculturation 1625-1800


David L. DeJarnette

Thesis: An Archeological Study of a Site Suggested as the Location of the Upper Creek Indian Community of Coosa Visited by Hernando de Soto in 1540


Margaret Z. Searcy

Thesis: Tuscaloosa County Hunting