Facilities & Labs

Ancient People and Plants Laboratory

student working in a labThe Ancient People and Plants Laboratory (APPL) is fully equipped to conduct archaeobotanical research and contains an extensive modern seed reference collection containing accessions from plants around the world to aid in seed identification.

Archaeology Laboratory

The Archaeology Laboratory is a “teaching” lab for archaeology classes and student archaeology projects.

Developmental Ecology and Human Biology Laboratory

The Developmental Ecology and Human Biology (DEHB) Lab is a biological and biocultural anthropology wet lab providing a center for research involving immunological, neuroendocrine, metabolic, nutritional, and other biological markers.

Embodiment, Communication, and Health Open (Co-)Lab

The goal of the UA Embodiment, Communication, and Health Open (ECHO) (Co-)Lab is to think, feel, and experiment together about how to integrate biocultural and linguistic anthropology in specific research projects as well as applied programs in education, healthcare, or community activism.

Geoarchaeology Lab

The Geoarchaeology Lab uses techniques from geology to address archaeological questions, such as focusing on human-environment interactions during the Early Agricultural Period (2100 B.C. – A.D. 50) in the Southwest United States and Northwest Mexico.

Human Behavioral Ecology Research Group

The Human Behavioral Ecology Research Group (HBERG) engages in several ongoing and overlapping projects based in human behavioral ecology, neuroanthropology, and evolutionary psychology, with a focus on training graduate and undergraduate students on mixed method approaches to research.

Moundville Archaeological Park

Administered by the UA Museums, the 320-acre Moundville Archaeological Park preserves one of the largest archaeological sites in North America.

Southeastern Archaeology Lab

The Southeastern Archaeology Lab focuses on the early colonial and Late Mississippian periods in the American Southeast, drawing upon practice-based approaches to the archaeology of colonialism and exploring identity through situated learning theory.

Visual Documentation Laboratory

The Visual Documentation Lab is a research and teaching space dedicated to digital photography, drawing, photogrammetry, and 3D scanning.