Doctoral Alumni


Lynn Funkhouser

Title: Medicines at Moundville: An Intrasite Analysis of the Moundville Cemeteries

Current Position: Instructor of Anthropology, University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Nicole Henderson

Title: Cultural Models of Substance Misuse and Stigma in Urban Brazil

Current Position: Postdoctoral Researcher, School of Medicine, University of Alabama, Birmingham

Lawrence Monocello

Title: Cultural Consonance, Body Ideals, and Disordered Eating Among Young South Korean Men

Current Position: Postdoctoral Research Scholar, Department of Psychiatry, University of Washington, St. Louis


Clay Nelson

Title: Material Evidence for Early Coalescence: The Hightower Village Site (1Ta150) in the Coosa River Valley

Current Position: Director, Moundville Archaeological Park, University of Alabama Museums

Ashley Stewart

Title: Reflections of Life in Death: An Investigation of Archaeo-Biographies at the Perry Site (1Lu25)

Current Position: Senior Bioarchaeologist, Tennessee Valley Archaeological Research


Mirjam Holleman

Title: Stigma Toward People with Physical Disabilities in Poland and Its Effects on Social Integration and Lived Experiences

Jessica Kowalski

Title: Hierarchy, Scale, and Complexity: Arcola Mounds (22WS516) and Mississippian Ceremonialism in the Southern Yazoo Basin

Current Position: Research Station Archaeologist, Arkansas Archaeological Survey


Courtney Andrews

Title: Culture’s Role in Immigrant Health: How Cultural Consonance Shapes Diabetes and Depression Among Mexican Women in Alabama
Current Position: Program Manager, Institute for Human Rights, University of Alabama, Birmingham

Max Stein

Title: Embeddedness, Cultural Consonance, and Health in a Dynamic Migration Network in Northern Peru
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Anthropology Program, Florida Gulf Coast University


Rachel V. Briggs

Title: From Bitter Seeds: A Historical Anthropological Approach to Moundville’s Origins
Current Position: Visiting Lecturer in the Department of Anthropology at UNC Chapel Hill

Erik S. Porth

Title: Reconsidering Institutional Collapse and Social Transformation at Moundville During the Fifteenth Century
Honors: NSF Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant
Current Position: Senior Archaeologist, Tennessee Valley Archaeological Research


Paul N. Eubanks

Title: Salt Production in the Southeastern Caddo Homeland
Honors: NSF Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant
Current Position: Associate Professor, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Middle Tennessee State University

Daniel LaDu

Title: The View from Mazique (22AD502): the Coles Creek/Plaquemine Cultural Transition from the Perspective of the Natchez Bluffs Region of the Lower Mississippi Valley
Current Position: Assistant Professor of Anthropology, School of Social Science and Global Studies, University of Southern Mississippi

Martina Thomas

Title: Sociocultural HIV Risk Knowledge and Behavior Among Female African-American Adolescents and Emerging Adults in the Southeast
Honors: NSF Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant, College of Arts & Sciences Outstanding Dissertation
Current Position: Senior Project Lead for Alabama, Partners in Health United States


Jenna James

Title: Social Houses at Carson Mounds, 22-CO-518 as Evidenced by Dental Morphological Analysis
Current Position: Psychiatric Nurse, Panola Medical Behavioral Health

LisaMarie Malischke

Title: The Heterogeneity of Early French and Native Forts and Settlements. A Comparison to Fort St. Pierre (A.D.1719-1729) in French Colonial Louisiana
Current Position: Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Auburn University of Montgomery


Jera Davis

Title: On Common Ground: Memory, Identity, and the Plaza at Early Moundville
Current Position: Archaeologist, New South Associates

Becky Read Wahidi

Title: A Model Guadalupan: Devotion to the Virgin of Guadalupe and Psychosocial Stress among Mexican Immigrants
Current Position: Assistant Research Professor at the Social Science Research Center, Mississippi State University


Francois Dengah

Title: Finding Success and Health through God: A Study of Cultural Models and Health among Brazilian Pentecostals
Honors: NSF Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant, College of Arts & Sciences and University of Alabama Outstanding Dissertation Awards
Current Position: Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, Social Work, and Anthropology, Utah State University

Brooke Persons

Title: Pottery, People, and Place: Examining the Emergence of Political Authority in Late Ceramic Age Cuba
Honors: College of Arts and Sciences Outstanding Dissertation Award
Current Position: Director of the Jeffrey L. Brown Institute of Archaeology and Assistant Professor in Social, Cultural, and Justice Studies at University of Tennessee, Chattanooga


Jenelle Doucet

Title: Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: The Sociocultural Influences on Disorder Knowledge and Diagnosis Decision Making

Lauren Downs

Title: The Glass Site (22WR502): An Investigation of Plaquemine Culture Architecture, Occupation, and Interaction in the Northern Portion of the Natchez Bluffs Region, Mississippi.
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Katy Groves

Title: Roots, Yucas, and Moros: Cultural Models of Food in Cuban Miami
Current Position: Instructor, Department of Anthropology, University of Alabama

Erin Phillips

Title: Social Contexts of Production and Use of Pottery Engraved in the Hemphill Style at Moundville


B. Blakely Brooks

Title: The Andean Cultural Model of Susto: Cultural Consonance and Historical Trauma in the Andes
Current Position: Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology, East Carolina University

Richard A. Brown

Title: Biocultural Models, Cultural Consonance, and Salutogenesis in Type 2 Diabetes Treatment; Measuring the Impact of Symbol Systems on Health within a Mexican Community
In memoriam (1970-2013). We miss you, Rick.

Claire Nanfro Thompson

Title: Ritual and Power: Examining the Economy of Moundville’s Residential Population
Current Position: Instructor, University of Alabama

Sarah Szurek

Title: Cultural Models of Food and Social Networks Among Mexican Immigrants in the Southeastern United States
Honors: NSF Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant
Current Position: National Cancer Institute (NCI) Center to Reduce Cancer Health Disparities


Meredith Jackson-de Graffenried

Title: Cultural Models, Stress and Pregnancy: Examining Intracultural Variation in Southern Jalisco, Mexico
Honors: NSF Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant
Current Position: Global Technical Advisor at Helen Keller International

Cameron Lacquement

Title: Landscape Modification at Moundville: An Energetics Assessment of a Mississippian Polity
Current Position: Associate Professor, University of Alabama Department of Anthropology


Mary Campbell

Title: Access to Healthcare Among Hispanic Immigrants in Memphis, TN: Consensus and Contention in Cultural Models
Current Position: Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Behavioral Sciences, Christian Brothers University

Toni Copeland

Title: Poverty and Sickness among Women in Nairobi, Kenya: Cultural Models of Managing HIV/AIDS in the Absence of Biomedical Treatment
Honors: NSF Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant, University of Alabama and College of Arts & Sciences Outstanding Dissertation Award

Current Position: Senior Fellow, Blount Scholars Program, and Instructor, Blount and Anthropology

Clifford Thomas Lewis, III

Title: Excavations at the Chittoloosa Site (22WR631): Exploration of a Late Prehistoric Frontier in the Lower Big Black Region of West-Central Mississippi
Current Position: Senior Archaeologist, Edwards-Pitman Environmental

Brad R. Lieb

Title: The Natchez Indian Diaspora: Ethnohistoric Archeology of the Eighteenth-Century Natchez Refuge Among the Chickasaws
Current Position: Special Assistant in Cultural Affairs, The Chickasaw Nation

Keith J. Little

Title: European Artifact Chronology and Impacts of Spanish Contact in the Sixteenth-Century Coosa Valley
Current Position: Senior Archaeologist, Tennessee Valley Archaeological Research


Ashley Dumas

Title: The Role of Salt in the Late Woodland to Early Mississippian Transition in Southwest Alabama
Honors: NSF Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant, College of Arts and Sciences Outstanding Dissertation Award
Current Position: Associate Professor of Anthropology, Department of History and Social Sciences, University of West Alabama

Erica Gibson

Title: The Effects of Practitioner Choice on Birth Outcomes of Women and Their Infants
Current Position: Head of User Experience (UX) Design, Deepinsight, Math for Good


Amanda Leigh Regnier

Title: An Examination of the Social-Composition of Late Mississippian Towns in the Alabama River Valley Through Ceramic Styles
Honors: College of Arts and Sciences Outstanding Dissertation Award
Current Position: Director of the Oklahoma Archaeological Survey, University of Oklahoma