Recipients of Anthropology Department Scholarships announced

The following are the recipients of the various Anthropology scholarships for 2018-19:

Camille Morgan is the winner of the DeJarnette Scholarship ($7,500).

Rob Else is the winner of the Maxwell Scholarship ($5,000).

Kareen Hawsey is the winner of the Knight Scholarship ($2,000).

Kohl Dothage is the winner of the Milady Murphy Scholarship ($2,000)

Next year all of the above scholarships plus the Dr. John Cottier Endowed Scholarship will be awarded, so as to continue to enrich the research endeavors of our Graduate students.

And the undergraduates have not been forgotten. This year the C. Earle Smith award for the graduating senior in our department with the highest grade point average goes to Adrienne Rife ($500) and the anthropology recipient of the Hughes Prize is Kayleigh Meighan ($750.00).

Congratulations to all our scholarship and prize winners!