PhD Student Baili Gall Wins 2nd Place in Student Poster Competition at SfAA

Join the Department of Anthropology in congratulating PhD Student Baili Gall for winning second place in the Student Poster Competition at the Society for Applied Anthropology Conference this week! Baili’s work is titled “Food (in)Justice and Stigma: Who is the “Ideal” Recipient of Federal Nutrition Assistance?”

Baili’s abstract is as follows:

Food insecurity and poverty are highly concentrated in the southern region of the United States, further reinforcing class, racial and health inequalities. From a biocultural perspective, this study used mixed methods to identify the presence of stigmatizing ideologies directed towards Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) recipients. Participants created a picture of the “ideal” SNAP recipient, in which they described “other” recipients misusing the program, whereas they used benefits responsibly. Such perspectives are rooted in historical, political-economic and cultural processes that continue to persist in society. The dissemination of information about recipient characteristics and patterns of use could disrupt stigmatizing ideologies in the future.