“Scanning of the Eccentric Cherts and Bifaces from the Rosalila Cache” by Dr. Tokovinine

Congratualations to Dr. Tokovinine for his new publication, “Scanning of the Eccentric Cherts and Bifaces from the Rosalila Cache.” an appendix to the volume, Protecting Sacred Space: Rosalila’s Eccentric Chert Cache at Copan and Eccentrics among the Classic Maya, by Ricardo Agurcia Fasquelle, Payson Sheets, and Karl Andreas Taube. Dr. Tokovinine’s contribution is attached and the book itself is available at http://www.mesoweb.com/books/PMP2.html

The whole project was greatly facilitated by Dr. Tokovinine’s 3D-scanning of these eccentric flints, which are partially covered with fragile textile remains. As stated in his appendix, “The principal goal of 3D scanning of the nine eccentric cherts and three bifaces from the Rosalila cache was to facilitate measurement and study of these elaborate stone artifacts without endangering fragile textile fragments adhering to their surface. The digital record would assist in the conservation of the textiles by potentially reducing the necessity to physically interact with the original artifacts. It would also enable the production of physical replicas.”