Tina Thomas and Nikki Henderson Win Outstanding Dissertation & Thesis Awards

Wonderful news:
Earlier this month, the department nominated Nikki Henderson (MA 2016, now in our PhD program) for Outstanding Thesis for her thesis entitled “CONNECTIONS BETWEEN THE FOLK PSYCHIATRY OF ADDICTION AND LEVELS OF ATTRIBUTED STIGMA.”
We also nominated Tina Thomas (PhD 2016, now at Juniata College) for Outstanding Dissertation for her dissertation entitled “SOCIOCULTURAL HIV RISK KNOWLEDGE AND BEHAVIOR AMONG FEMALE AFRICAN-AMERICAN ADOLESCENTS AND EMERGING ADULTS IN THE SOUTHEAST.”
And in what may be an unprecedented clean sweep… the College of Arts & Sciences selected both of them to win these awards!
Their nomination materials will now be sent to the Graduate School to be considered in the University-wide Outstanding Thesis and Dissertation competitions. Regardless of success on that level, however, winning at the College is a huge honor, and they will be recognized during Honors Week in the Spring.
Congratulations to Nikki and Tina for their outstanding work! They do us proud!