Drs. Pritzker & DeCaro Awarded National Science Foundation Grant

Drs. Sonya Pritzker and Jason DeCaro, together with Communication Studies collaborator Josh Pederson, are receiving a major NSF award to perform the first biocultural-linguistic study of emotion communication in everyday life. This $315,000 award will permit them to work with 50 couples, examining real-time, bi-directional relationships between communication and biological regulation in stress-response systems. They will combine 9 hours of in-home video ethnography with moment-to-moment monitoring of activity in the autonomic nervous system to understand how emotion communication “gets under the skin” and how stress responses “get back out.” The NSF Cultural Anthropology Program and NSF EPSCoR jointly recommended this work for funding because of its transformative potential for embodiment theory and its major implications for understanding how relationship quality translates into differences in health and well-being over the lifespan.