Drs. Pritzker & DeCaro Awarded Wenner-Gren Grant

Sonya Pritzker with Jason DeCaro have been awarded a prestigious and highly selective Wenner-Gren grant for $20,000 for their workshop entitled “Embodying Language in the Context of Culture: Developing Bicultural-Linguistic Anthropology through Research on Interaction, Culture, and the Human Body”. The group of collaborators also includes Dr. Josh Pederson of the UA Department of Communication Studies.

In Sonya’s words, the “workshop brings together American linguistic and biocultural medical anthropologists with European anthropologists, psycholinguists, and cognitive scientists in a focused study of how the human body affects and is affected by everyday communication in the context of culture. Our overarching objective is to advance theory and method in the interdisciplinary study of language and embodiment.”

The workshop will take place over four days in summer 2019, and will be held at the University of Alabama.