“Getting from the Pleistocene to the Present in the American Southeast: What Is and What Still Could Be,” a talk by Dr. Shane Miller, Mississippi State University

253 ten Hoor

Abstract: Archaeology in North America is an inherently odd discipline where most of the research into the Native past has been conducted by white, western researchers focused on a fairly insular and narrow set of questions. In this talk, I candidly discuss how my own experiences living in the American Southeast have caused me to critically

Event Series ECHO CoLab

ECHO CoLab: Language of Guns/Gun Control Activism

Rowand Johnson room 31 348 Stadium Drive, Tuscaloosa, AL, United States

This week at ECHO, we will be holding a research design/brainstorming meeting focusing on MA student Gillian Faircloth’s potential plans for conducting thesis research on language, embodiment, and the language of guns and gun control activism in the U.S. To help prepare for our discussion, we’ll be reading the short Anthropology News article “Trigger Happy

FABLE talk: “Inking of Immunity: Using Tattooing to Explore Human Nature”

103 ten Hoor 19 ten Hoor Hall, Tuscaloosa, AL, United States

Our Department of Anthropology talk in the For Anthropologists Beginning Lifelong Engagements (FABLE) series features Dr. Chris Lynn.    Dr. Lynn will be speaking on the "Inking of Immunity: Using Tattooing to Explore Human Nature" this Friday, September 8, 3-4 PM in 103 ten Hoor.  For those interested in joining via Zoom, please contact Tanvi Padalkar (tpadalkar@crimson.ua.edu) for the password-protected link.

“Less Stigma, More Water: Unsung Pathways to Global Health,” guest lecture by Prof. Alexandra Brewis

30 ten Hoor 350 Marrs Spring Rd, Tuscaloosa, AL, United States

The James R. Bindon Endowed Lecture in Biocultural Anthropology and Health will be delivered by Dr. Alexandra Brewis of Arizona State University, on "Less Stigma, More Water: Unsung Pathways to Global Health." Abstract: A biocultural approach to health purposefully theorizes and tests the mechanisms that connect macro systems, individual wellbeing, and health outcomes. I will