FABLE Talk: Dr. Amber Huff & Dr. Patrick Huff

109 ten Hoor 350 Marrs Spring Rd, Tuscaloosa, AL

For the December program in the For Anthropologists Beginning Lifelong Engagements (FABLE) series, social anthropologists and political ecologists Dr. Amber Huff and Dr. Patrick Huff will present a talk titled "Many Futures are Possible, and Some are Already in the Making: Indigeneity, Autonomy and Reconceptualizing Development."

Fall 2021 Commencement

Find ceremony information on the UA commencement website.

FABLE and Decolonization Talk: Dr. Alan Farahani

116 ten Hoor

Mission Oriented Archaeological Research and the Role of Open Source Tools Abstract: Archaeological research, like other field sciences, has teamwork at the core of its practice.  While archaeologists and some anthropologists have written about method and theory in field research, relatively less focus has been given to the social dynamics experienced within these teams themselves (with