James Bindon, Professor Emeritus



I studied a variety of biological outcomes among Samoans such as infant and childhood health and growth, adult obesity and blood pressure, DNA polymorphisms and physique, and chronic diseases including diabetes and cardiovascular disease. I related these health outcomes to residence in different communities, diet and activity patterns, education and occupation, and stress due to changing lifestyles as a result of modernization and migration (see several of the papers listed below for details). I also conducted similar research on biocultural aspects of health among the Mississippi Choctaw, in an African-American population in Alabama and among hotel workers in Hawaii.  For the past decade plus, I have been reading and teaching about all aspects of race: origins of the concept, misapplications to humans especially in the U.S., genetics and race, etc.

Jason DeCaro, Marilyn Williams Elmore and John Durr Elmore Professor

14 ten Hoor Hall | Office: (205) 348-9061, Lab: (205) 348-7792 | jason.a.decaro@ua.edu


  • Human development across the lifecourse
  • Biocultural medical and psychological anthropology
  • Human evolutionary biology
  • Social epidemiology
  • East Africa, Central America, USA

Courtney Helfrecht, Assistant Professor

13 ten Hoor Hall | (205) 348-7293 | chelfrecht@ua.edu


  • Biocultural medical anthropology
  • Impact of cultural/physical stressors on biomarker patterning and developmental trajectories
  • Socio-cultural and evolutionary determinants of childhood health and growth
  • Evolution of human childhood
  • Sub-Saharan Africa: Ethiopia (Sidama agropastoralists) and Central African Republic (Aka foragers and Ngandu horticulturalists)

Keith Jacobi, Professor and Chair

19 ten Hoor Hall / LAB: 301 Mary Harmon Bryant | (205) 348-1960 | kjacobi@as.ua.edu


  • Osteology
  • Forensic anthropology
Chris Lynn

Christopher D. Lynn, Associate Professor

12 ten Hoor Hall / LAB: 37a Rowand-Johnson Hall | 205-348-4162 | cdlynn@ua.edu


  • Biocultural medical anthropology
  • Human behavioral ecology
  • Evolutionary studies
  • Cultural impacts on health
  • Dissociation, absorption, and trance
  • Signaling theory, cooperation, and commitment