Courtney Andrews, Instructor

(205) 348-5957 |

Jason DeCaro, Professor

14 ten Hoor Hall | Office: (205) 348-9061, Lab: (205) 348-7792 |

  • Human development across the lifecourse
  • Biocultural medical and psychological anthropology
  • Human evolutionary biology
  • Social epidemiology
  • East Africa, Central America, USA

William Dressler, Professor

24-B ten Hoor Hall | (205) 348-1954 |

  • Biocultural medical anthropology
  • Culture and disease risk
  • Culture and the individual
  • Cultural consonance

Katy Groves, Instructor

(205) 348-5947 |

Keith Jacobi, Professor and Chair

13 ten Hoor Hall / LAB: 301 Mary Harmon Bryant | (205) 348-1960 |

  • Osteology
  • Forensic anthropology
Chris Lynn

Christopher D. Lynn, Associate Professor

12 ten Hoor Hall / LAB: 37a Rowand-Johnson Hall | 205-348-4162 |

  • Biocultural medical anthropology
  • Human behavioral ecology
  • Evolutionary studies
  • Cultural impacts on health
  • Dissociation, absorption, and trance
  • Signaling theory, cooperation, and commitment

Stephanie McClure, Assistant Professor

My overarching area of interest is culture, the body, and health. Said in another way, my primary research interest (currently) is the body as the subject andobject of culture, and the bearing that subject/object duality has on how health is understood, experienced, assessed, etc.

My current pursuits with respect to that overarching interest fall into three categories:

  • physicality and identity
  • intersectionality
  • physical activity and wellbeing

My current projects  and their category alignment:

  • Utility of  robust norms assessment for increasing the predictive capacity of health behavior theories (physicality and wellbeing)
  • Effect of the psychosocial benefits of physical activity on girls’ school performance (physicality and wellbeing)
  • Collage construction as a method for exploring physicality and identity (physicality and identity)
  • The role of race/gender as a key intersection in African American adolescent girls’ physicality (intersectionality)
  • History as a social determinant of health (this really goes back to my overarching question).

My population focus is African American women and girls.

Kathryn Oths, Professor

24-d ten Hoor Hall | (205) 348-1957 |

  • Biocultural medical anthropology
  • Treatment choice
  • Healers
  • Health outcomes
  • Latin America
Sonya Pritzker

Sonya E. Pritzker, Assistant Professor

15 ten Hoor Hall | (205) 348-6554 |

  • the treatment of chronic discomfort with Chinese medicine
  • methodology in integrative medicine research
  • the globalization of Chinese medicine
  • the development of integrative medicine in the U.S. and China
  • morality and reflective practice in medical care

Max Stein, Instructor

(205) 348-5957 |