DeCaro and Aronoff publication explores the links among Life History Theory, environment, and testosterone

Excellent news! This is the third publication in about a week involving our faculty. This time there is a new publication coauthored by Dr. Jason DeCaro and former Alabama graduate student Jake Aronoff. The article has been published in Elsevier’s  journal Personality and Individual Differences and is entitled “Life History Theory and Human Behavior: Testing Associations between Environmental Harshness, Life History Strategies and Testosterone.” As Jason put it “we politely but firmly savage some of the more simplistic assumptions about how life history strategies map onto hormones and behavior in light of variation in environmental harshness.” This is the published version of Jake’s MA thesis. (Jake is now a doctoral student at Northwestern University). Congrats to both of them!

A link to free-of-charge full text that’s valid through Jan 4: