HBERG Students Receive URCA Funding

Julia Sponholtz has received $400 from the  College of Arts & Sciences Undergraduate Creativity and Research Academy (UCRA) for her research project entitled “What Stinks in a “Stinky T-Shirt” Study?: Can Humans Smell Stress?” as well as attending and presenting at the Southeastern Evolution Perspectives Society (SEEPS) conference in Savannah, Georgia.

Harold Acosta has received $525 from the College of Arts & Sciences URCA for his research project entitled “Belongingness and Religious Ecology Study Tuscaloosa: Testing Associations Between Catechol-o-Methyl/Transferase and Capacity for Focused Attention.”

Jennifer Fourroux has received $700 from URCA for her project entitled “Prime Mates: The Implications of Primate-Keeper Relations across Various Habitat Models” as well as conference travel to present her research at SEEPS, Savannah, Georgia.

Congrats, Julia, Harold, and Jennifer! Great work!