Dr. Stephanie McClure Leading UA Team in National CommuniVax Initiative

A photograph of Dr. Stephanie McClure.

Dr. Stephanie McClure is leading a team of UA researchers, including our own Dr. Kathryn Oths, as the principal investigator of the CommuniVax Alabama Initiative – a rapid ethnographic research project examining facilitators and barriers to vaccine uptake in historically underserved communities of color in the United States. Dr. McClure, and the UA team, is apart of a research coalition funded by the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative that spans across five sites in the U.S. and aimed at strengthening the community’s role and involvement in an equitable COVID-19 vaccination campaign.

“All the researchers on our local team, and in the larger project, have a strong commitment to community partnership in health promotion,” said Dr. McClure. “We believe our efforts to identify the concerns that foster vaccine hesitancy and to engage communities as partners in encouraging vaccine uptake will help bring the current health crisis and its accompanying restrictions on our daily lives to an end more quickly.”

Congratulations Dr. McClure, Dr. Oths, and the entire UA team!

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