Dr. Chiou Recognized for Best Article Published in “Antiquity” in 2017

Not too long ago Dr. Katie Chiou was awarded the 2018 Society for American Archaeology’s Dissertation Award at the annual meeting in Washington DC. Now her co-authored paper “Identifying ‘plantscapes’ at the Classic Maya village of Joya de Cerén, El Salvador” (published in Antiquity in 2017) has been awarded the Antiquity Prize by the Antiquity Trust for the best article published in the journal in the calendar year. The announcement can be seen in last page of the attached pdf (p. 572 of the latest issue of Antiquity). The article will soon be posted to the website http://www.antiquity.ac.uk/open/prizes and will be available open access in perpetuity.

Congratulations to Dr. Chiou and her co-authors. She does us proud!