Natalie  Mooney


Research Interests

I received a B.S. in History with a minor in Anthropology from the University of West Alabama in May 2017. Presently, I will be a first year Master’s student under the advisement of Dr. Ian Brown with a specialization in Archaeology. Thanks to my time at my undergraduate university, I have a particular set of research interests, interests that I have acquired over a very long four years. This includes the archaeology of slave houses specifically within the Black Belt. Personally, I would like to determine if the archaeology of slave houses within the Black Belt is significantly different from other areas in Alabama and continue to add to the Black Belt Slave Housing Survey, in which I participated underneath Dr. Ashley Dumas. I am also intrigued by the living conditions of freed men after the Civil War and if there is any archaeological variance between the years prior to, during, and after the war as many slaves continued to live in the same quarters and work, with pay, for their old masters. I also interned as a 3D prototyping technician within the Black Belt Museum where my job was to create original 3D scans and then format them into printable 3D models. This is extremely useful for a variety of reasons, the least of which is that this is a new form of preservation and it is possible to accurately and visually record excavations and I would like to continue to apply this technology within my research. Finally, I have an interest in historiography and I would like to determine whether the histories on slaves and the Old South adjust because of a modification of cultural values and or the events occurring at the time when the history was written and the effects of these histories on interracial relationships within communities. Other than that, I enjoy a nice cup of coffee, being incredibly long-winded, and watching (or playing) a good game of soccer.