Mirjam  Holleman


Research Interests

Arrived Fall 2014.

I’m a PhD student in the Biocultural Medical Anthropology program.

My main interest is in disability studies (from an anthropological perspective) and my goal is to do research in Poland on the social inclusion and participation (or lack thereof) of people with disabilities in Polish society.  My main advisors are Dr. Marysia Galbraith and Dr. Jason DeCaro.

My M.A. in Social and Cultural Anthropology was earned at the Vrije University of Amsterdam. My thesis was about dealing with diversity in a cohousing community and was based on 3 months of field research at the Ecovillage of Ithaca, where I attempted to capture the Ecovillagers’ struggle to maintain a balance between a deep respect for individuality while living together as a community, striving toward a common vision. Individuality in Community 

 I earned a B.A. in Social Sciences, with a minor in linguistics, from University College Roosevelt Academy, in Middelburg, the Netherlands, and completed a thesis called Deconstructing Discrimination which takes an anthropological, psychological, sociological, and historical perspective to analyze the roots and perpetuation of discrimination, as well as processes of religious and institutional change and the potential for social justice, focusing specifically on the constructs of race and homosexuality in U.S. society. Deconstructing Discrimination

 The topics of my B.A., M.A. and upcoming PhD research might seem completely unrelated, but actually they all reflect an interest in issues of inequality, (socially constructed) categories of discrimination, and (socially defined) perimeters of inclusion and exclusion.