Marlie Wells

Marlie  Wells

Research Interests

I’m an Accelerated Master’s Student through the University of Alabama. My research interests are heavily focused on gender and race identities in the US, Thailand, and Japan. In particular I am interested in exploring the intersectionality of identity and health behaviors in relation to gender and race. In addition, I’m also interested in the relationship between wealth disparities and health disparities with the added component of identity. Domestically, my research interests center on the relationship between wealth and health disparities within the orientation of racial and gendered identities. Internationally, I am interested in exploring health behaviors regarding women and gender fluidity in Thailand, and the mental health taboos of Japan. Within the discipline, I am interested in combining biocultural medical and linguistic anthropology to look at these intersecting fields. I have worked with Dr. Pritzker and Dr. DeCaro as an undergraduate researcher and they introduced me to the possibility of combining the research methods and approaches found within biocultural medical anthropology and linguistic anthropology.