Greg  Batchelder


Research Interests

In general, I consider myself a psychological anthropologist. In particular, I am interested in how people cognitively model their illness experience and treatment options in culturally salient ways. Taking that a step further, I am also interested in measuring the efficacy of various treatment models. My Master’s thesis involved working with a group of people diagnosed with bipolar disorder who were attending a peer support group. I was able to find that people who felt more consonant with their shared model of treatment also suffered less severe symptomology. I have also conducted research examining the mental health effects of people who belong to the culture of gamers who engage in the MMO, World of Warcraft. While at the University of Alabama, I will work with the Bribri, an indigenous group in Costa Rica. In the village of Yorkin, they are operating a locally conceived and operated ecotourism project which I hope to show has preserved tradition and improved both physical and mental health. My biggest joys are watching football (Roll Tide), listening to music, fishing, and trying to lose myself in the wilderness for weeks at a time.