Garbology and Archaeology

Week 3: Introduction to Archaeology Activity: Garbology Discussion: Introduction to Archaeology Review Cultural anthropology- study of modern humans Archaeology Archaeology: the branch of anthropology that studies humans who lived in the past through their material remains. how we learn about the past prehistory/history Artifact: any item that was made by a human What do archaeologists … Continue reading “Garbology and Archaeology”

Lesson Plans from the UA Partnership

Hello everybody, The next several posts will include the lesson plans we used for the UA partnership with the Tuscaloosa Magnet School. This semester the classes were taught by Taylor Burbach, Meghan Steel, and Erica Schumann, with the direction of graduate student Greg Batchelder. Enjoy! Week 1: Anthropology and Social Organization Activity: Creating a Clan … Continue reading “Lesson Plans from the UA Partnership”