Primates – TMSE

By Molly Jaworski This week at the Tuscaloosa Magnet School we discussed Primates. We started the class reviewing key concepts from our previous lectures. I asked the class a series of 4 questions to test their knowledge on what we have learned up until this point. What are the four subfields of Anthropology? What is ethnography? … Continue reading “Primates – TMSE”

Primates at Arcadia

  Week 5: Primates Lecture Primates are any member of the group of animals that includes human beings, apes, and monkeys. Apes are closely related to monkeys and humans, they are covered in hair and have no tail or a very short tail. Monkeys are smaller, with tails. Some are prehensile and some are not. … Continue reading “Primates at Arcadia”

Primates and Diet

Hello everybody, The next several posts will include the lesson plans we used for the UA partnership with the Tuscaloosa Magnet School. This semester the classes were taught by Taylor Burbach, Meghan Steel, and Erica Schumann, with the direction of graduate student Greg Batchelder. Enjoy! Week 5: Primates and Diet Topic: Primate Diet One of … Continue reading “Primates and Diet”

Week 8: Comparative Osteology

Physical anthropologists rely on osteology, or the scientific study of bones, to identify individual species, learn about the lives of an individual, or even to identify ancient illnesses (aka paleopathology). The skeletal features of bones reflect the life histories of individuals, and trained osteologists can use those features to identify the age, sex, diet, and, … Continue reading “Week 8: Comparative Osteology”

Week 5: Meddling Monkeys Scavenger Hunt

One of the ways that physical anthropologists learn about people is to study our nearest living relatives – primates. Primates include any member of the group of animals that includes human beings, apes, and monkeys. Learning about how primates navigate their world helps us understand the challenges and survival strategies that humans had to face … Continue reading “Week 5: Meddling Monkeys Scavenger Hunt”

Meddling Monkeys Scavenger Hunt

The TMSE Anthropology class has been a lot of fun so far this year.  We’re following essentially the same lesson plan with a few improvements (we hope) here & there.  One of them was designed by graduate students in the UA Anthro Dept who kindly posted them to their blog here.  The game is called … Continue reading “Meddling Monkeys Scavenger Hunt”

Primate Food and Communication

Speaking of communication (pun intended–get it?), we wanted to share with the kids how our closest living non-human relatives communicate. How is human communication and symbolic behavior similar or different than other primates? We started by talking about some of the basic similarities and differences between us and other primates (video of primate skulls). For … Continue reading “Primate Food and Communication”