Anthropology and Museums – TMSE

By Megan Crawford This week at Tuscaloosa Magnet School Elementary, I taught the kids a lesson on museums. My main goal was to emphasize the role that museums play in relation to anthropology, particularly, the preservation of artifacts and their ability to be displayed for public consumption. We began with a brief review of last … Continue reading “Anthropology and Museums – TMSE”

Archaeology of West Africa – TMSE

By Rob Barlow For the third week of the Anthropology Outreach Program at TMSE, Annakate and I taught a class on the archaeology of West Africa. Archaeology is a passion for both of us and we were eager to instruct on a topic we care so much about. Our shared goal was to make sure … Continue reading “Archaeology of West Africa – TMSE”

Garbology and Archaeology

Week 3: Introduction to Archaeology Activity: Garbology Discussion: Introduction to Archaeology Review Cultural anthropology- study of modern humans Archaeology Archaeology: the branch of anthropology that studies humans who lived in the past through their material remains. how we learn about the past prehistory/history Artifact: any item that was made by a human What do archaeologists … Continue reading “Garbology and Archaeology”

Week 3: Archaeology and Garbology

After a brief hiatus, the TMSE blog is finally being updated!   For this week’s lesson, our students learned about another branch of anthropology – archaeology.  Archaeology is the branch of anthropology that focuses on studying people in the past. However, since archaeologists cannot follow the lead of ethnographers and ask ancient peoples about their … Continue reading “Week 3: Archaeology and Garbology”