Final Day at Arcadia Spring 2017 – Food! A Team Teaching Effort

So for our last day at TMSE we talked about food and how it is a thing that gathers everyone together in all cultures. But, first we started off with a short quiz about everything we covered in the past weeks at TMSE to determine what information was being absorbed and remembered. Each of our little clans had some very … Continue reading “Final Day at Arcadia Spring 2017 – Food! A Team Teaching Effort”

Race at TMSE – What is race anyway? – A Team Teaching Effort.

Today at TMSE we discussed race and human variation. The lecture covered the intricacies of how we perceive race in America by addressing what anthropologists view it as. It is important to know that race is a social construct, rather than based in biology, which means that while it appears natural and factual it is … Continue reading “Race at TMSE – What is race anyway? – A Team Teaching Effort.”

Evolution at TMSE – Adapting Animals by Madeline Anscombe

Today at TMSE we taught the students all about the theory of evolution and let them see how this theory transcends into their own lives. Teaching evolution was an important topic to teach our third graders because not only is it important when dealing with anthropology, but it allows us to see how each individual … Continue reading “Evolution at TMSE – Adapting Animals by Madeline Anscombe”

Primates at TMSE! by Mary Gibler

Students of the Might Animal Dinosaur Clan seated around a table

This past week, our lesson at TSME focused on Primates. We taught the students that monkeys, apes, and humans are all primates, surprising the class with a picture of them that we had taken the previous week to demonstrate the concept. To distinguish between monkeys and apes, we discussed the presence of tails in monkeys … Continue reading “Primates at TMSE! by Mary Gibler”

Body Modification at TMSE by LaBethany Bradford

So this week at TMSE we learned about body modification! I was really excited to teach this class given that a lot of people think body modification is weird. But, it isn’t! I had to remind the students throughout the presentation that we also do body modification on a regular basis and that it is normal. … Continue reading “Body Modification at TMSE by LaBethany Bradford”

Archaeology, week 3! By LaBethany Bradford

For our third week at TMSE, we focused on Archaeology. But, before I started to teach them about archaeology I reviewed “CLAP.” CLAP stands for Cultural, Linguistic, Archaeology, and Physical. While teaching them about different archaeological sites of Indonesia the children started to ask many good questions. They also had really great answers for the … Continue reading “Archaeology, week 3! By LaBethany Bradford”

Ethnography at TMSE – Week 2 by Mary Gibler

For our second week at TMSE, we focused on ethnography. After a recap of the previous week’s focus on culture and the four subfields of anthropology, we explained that ethnography is a tool that anthropologists use to describe cultures. We showed pictures from Indonesian celebrations of the New Year, a marriage, a birthday party, and … Continue reading “Ethnography at TMSE – Week 2 by Mary Gibler”

Culture at TMSE – Week 1! By Madeline Anscombe

In our first class at TMSE, we met our twenty new anthropologists and divided into clans. Over the course of the year, we will be using Indonesia as a model for our lessons. In order to explain the clans, we used the model of the Javanese, whom inhabit the largest island of Indonesia.   Once … Continue reading “Culture at TMSE – Week 1! By Madeline Anscombe”

Week 8 @ TMSE – Body Modification by Lisa Meister

In our final day of partnership, we explored the diverse world of body modification. I defined body modification as any deliberate act to change one’s physical appearance. When we looked at some examples from around the world like Nigerian earlobe stretching and Japanese teeth blackening, the students seemed shocked. They could not believe that someone … Continue reading “Week 8 @ TMSE – Body Modification by Lisa Meister”

Week 7 @ TMSE – Race by Rochelle Williamson

This week our discussion was on “RACE”, which is a very complicated subject. Because of the complexities of the subject, students gained a wealth of information. The students learned that there are many different “RACES” of people throughout the world. Students were given the opportunity to come up before the class to point out the different … Continue reading “Week 7 @ TMSE – Race by Rochelle Williamson”