Food and Semester Review – TMSE

By Hannah Tytus This was our last day at TMSE! We’ve all had so much fun together this semester, and to conclude our program we definitely had to go out with a bang. So we ditched the traditional powerpoint and had ourselves a traditional Southeast Asian feast! We took our shoes off upon entry and … Continue reading “Food and Semester Review – TMSE”

Body Art and Modification at TMSE

By Kelsey Kennedy This week at the school, I did my second presentation of the semester, this time on body art and modification in Southeast Asia. I was a lot less nervous the second time around! The Discussion I started out with examples from our culture that the students might be more familiar. For example, … Continue reading “Body Art and Modification at TMSE”

Museum Studies at TMSE

By Joyia Pittman Four weeks into the outreach program at the Tuscaloosa Magnet School Elementary and we have covered a range of anthropological topics that include: culture, ethnography, and archaeology. This was my first real experience at teaching and leading a class. I was given the task of presenting a lesson on museums. One response … Continue reading “Museum Studies at TMSE”

Archaeology at TMSE

By Hannah Tytus Today was an excellent day at Tuscaloosa Magnet Elementary! After three meetings, little kids and adults big kids alike have become much more comfortable around each other, and more willing to openly share ideas, questions, and curiosities. We had a lot of participation during both the lesson and the activity–group cooperation and … Continue reading “Archaeology at TMSE”

Ethnography in Action at TMSE

By Kelly Likos The Anthropology is Elemental class challenges us each week to teach anthropology to elementary school students. This is a unique task because often we were not taught these terms until our own start with anthropology in college. Mostly recently, I was challenged to try to teach a word to third graders that … Continue reading “Ethnography in Action at TMSE”

Culture and Clans – TMSE

By Holly Judge Last week marked the beginning of the outreach program at the Tuscaloosa Magnet School Elementary. Five other UA students and I will be working with a group of third graders for the next nine weeks teaching them about different aspects of Anthropology, and specifically about the anthropology of Southeast Asia. I think … Continue reading “Culture and Clans – TMSE”