WEEK 6 @ TMSE – Evolution by Will McCrary

Today’s topic at TMSE was evolution. This is an especially important topic to teach because evolution is so often glossed over in many public schools – I know it was in mine. If we can introduce the principles of evolution to kids when they are young, hopefully people will be more knowledgeable about the concepts … Continue reading “WEEK 6 @ TMSE – Evolution by Will McCrary”

Week 5 @ TMSE – Primates

Characteristics of Primates at TMSE The lesson started off reviewing C.L.A.P. The students have reviewed C.L.A.P. so often they are able to explain cultural anthropology, linguistic anthropology, archaeology, and physical anthropology very well. I explained to the class that we’ll be going further into physical anthropology today by discussing primates. Well what is a primate? I asked the … Continue reading “Week 5 @ TMSE – Primates”

WEEK 4 @ TMSE – Museums by Will McCrary

MUSEUMS It was a great day at TMSE. The kids were focused throughout the period and seemed to have fun doing their activity. Also, they appear to have an increasingly better knowledge of the study of anthropology and are continually excited to do new things each week. This week the lesson was centered on museums. … Continue reading “WEEK 4 @ TMSE – Museums by Will McCrary”

WEEK 3 – Archaeology at TMSE by Laura Eddy

Coming into the classroom the students had their eyes fixed on the boxes for the activity. Even students who weren’t signed up for anthropology were curious about what was to come. The lesson began with asking the students what they thought archaeology was. Some said it was the study of past people. While that may … Continue reading “WEEK 3 – Archaeology at TMSE by Laura Eddy”

WEEK 2 AT TMSE – ETHNOGRAPHY By Rochelle Williamson

  Tuesday, we focused our discussion on the subject of Ethnography. The students were very energetic and engaged throughout the class period and learned that Ethnography is very important for the field of Anthropology. Students learned that it is through the process of Ethnography that Anthropologists learn more about different cultures. Our discussion began with … Continue reading “WEEK 2 AT TMSE – ETHNOGRAPHY By Rochelle Williamson”

Ethnography @ Arcadia! By Kelsey Kennedy

It was really exciting for me to start the new year! This was the second week we were with the kids from Arcadia, but my first time since I missed last week. We learned about Ethnography. Ethnography, as our students now know, is when anthropologists go to other cultures and write accounts of what they … Continue reading “Ethnography @ Arcadia! By Kelsey Kennedy”

Week 1 at TMSE – Cultures and Clans by Lisa Meister

This Thursday we had our first lesson in Anthropology at TMSE, where we will be studying the Anthropology of Brazil. I was excited to see how many enthusiastic students we have in our class this year.   Our first order of business was to form into clans. We randomly assigned the pupils to one of … Continue reading “Week 1 at TMSE – Cultures and Clans by Lisa Meister”