Final Day at Arcadia Spring 2017 – Food! A Team Teaching Effort

So for our last day at TMSE we talked about food and how it is a thing that gathers everyone together in all cultures. But, first we started off with a short quiz about everything we covered in the past weeks at TMSE to determine what information was being absorbed and remembered. Each of our little clans had some very good scores on the quiz and the top three individuals who scored the highest were rewarded with gummy worms and gummy bears.

Fire Phoenix Clan enjoying the feast on our final class day!

Next, we went into the PowerPoint lecture which discussed foods from different areas around the globe as well as how these foods related to the culture they came from. One of our examples was the Margherita pizza, named after Queen Margherita, and we discussed how she liked it because it reminded her of the Italian flag. We also talked about how, in Indonesia, a meal is not considered a meal unless there is rice.

A member of the Mighty Animal Dinosaurs enjoying some Lychee Coconut Jelly!
Licking Lychee Jelly is also an acceptable way to eat this delicious treat.









After we the PowerPoint lecture we had an international feast of different foods. We had Veggie Korma from India, which was really good but not a hit with all the kids. However, they all did like the naan that came with it! We also had cheese pizza (Italy), lychee gummy candy (which was a huge hit), lychee coconut jelly (also a huge hit), aloe vera juice (which they liked), and chips with guacamole. Even with all this food the kids kept asking about crickets! So I think we should’ve brought more.

American Cheese shows off their clan dance – the Gibbler Gallop
Some of our young anthropologists have impressive skills!








We discussed how in many cultures, feasting and dancing go hand in hand. So, after we got done feasting we got up and danced the rest of the class away. We also got each clan to show us one final time their clan dances, which they performed in the front of the class. They really enjoyed the semester with us and say they all want to do it again. I am going to miss those little guys and gals and I hope they had a fun time learning about ANTHROPOLOGY!!!!


Our young anthropologists!

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