Evolution at TMSE – Adapting Animals by Madeline Anscombe

Today at TMSE we taught the students all about the theory of evolution and let them see how this theory transcends into their own lives. Teaching evolution was an important topic to teach our third graders because not only is it important when dealing with anthropology, but it allows us to see how each individual is somehow tied together.


A new animal has emerged! It has huge wings and a springy tail for getting away from predators

The lesson opened up with talking about the history of the theory and Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species which took 22 years to write! Our young anthropologists learned that because evolution is a theory, it has been tested hundreds and hundreds of times and has never been proven false. This gave us some validation in order to support some examples of how different animals are able to change given different environmental factors. Our activity gave the students three different ecosystems to create made-up animals that have adapted to their environments.

This animal’s long legs and wings let it walk or fly over a rough terrain

The students got super creative! Some of the creatures included a “Billy Belly Bull” and a “Monkey Bird” which was able to camouflage in with its surroundings as well as used its arms and wings to steer clear from predators. When the students were able to explain the ways in which their animals had adapted to their environments, they got the opportunity to get crafty! Each student was supplied with a foam ball and crafting materials to bring their animals to life. Some of the students even asked for extra pipe cleaners to make tails for themselves so that they could match their new creations.


The elusive Pika-bunny is finally caught!

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