Anthropology In Review – TMSE

By Annakate Faulk

Since last week was the final lesson for the UA Outreach program at Tuscaloosa Magnet Elementary School Rob and I taught a review lesson to our students. This week was an emotional one for myself and my fellow UA student-instructors as we have all gotten close with each of the students. . We did a brief review of each of the semesters lessons starting with the first lesson: Culture and Clans all the way through to the final lesson from the previous week’s body modification lecture from Megan. For each week’s topic I created an individual slide on the PowerPoint and listed facts which I felt were particularly important that the students remember. Things such as what a clan is, what an archaeologist does and does not do, which creatures fall into the category of primates and what adornments are considered body modification?


Once we had gone over each of our previously taught lessons we moved on to the activity. For the review activity I took a page from my high school history teacher and created a jeopardy trivia game for the students. I used the previously reviewed “high points” from each of the lectures as the questions for the trivia board. Once the students had broken up into their three clans, which also served as their teams, we began the game.


I chose the first category and the game was underway. It got quite competitive between some of the students, they were definitely very excited about this activity. After each of the questions were addressed the winning team was Ollie, Anna, Johnnie and Armani- they were very impressive with the retention of all of this semester’s lessons.


At the end of the class Mr. Little gave us an awesome gift from the students; a card with a photo from one of our lectures which each of the students had signed and written an individualized thank you to the UA student-instructors for teaching them throughout the course. Getting this gift was really meaningful and it made me personally feel like the students really had enjoyed the class and that they had learned a lot from the lessons we had taught them.


Hopefully we have had the opportunity to meet and teach a few future anthropologists over this semester and I look forward to seeing what each of these students go on to accomplish in the future.


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