Museums at Arcadia

Week 7: Museums Lecture A museum is an institution that cares for a collection of artifacts and artistic, cultural, historical, or scientifically important items. They make these items available for public viewing through exhibits. Some of the most attended museums include the Louvre in Paris, the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C., the … Continue reading “Museums at Arcadia”

Primates – TMSE

By Molly Jaworski This week at the Tuscaloosa Magnet School we discussed Primates. We started the class reviewing key concepts from our previous lectures. I asked the class a series of 4 questions to test their knowledge on what we have learned up until this point. What are the four subfields of Anthropology? What is ethnography? … Continue reading “Primates – TMSE”

Evolution at Arcadia

Week 6: Evolution Lecture Evolution is descent with modification, which consists of slow change in species over many generations Natural selection is the survival and reproduction of individuals due to differences in phenotype Mutation is a change in the DNA that can be passed down to the individual’s children Genetic drift is random change in … Continue reading “Evolution at Arcadia”

Anthropology and Museums – TMSE

By Megan Crawford This week at Tuscaloosa Magnet School Elementary, I taught the kids a lesson on museums. My main goal was to emphasize the role that museums play in relation to anthropology, particularly, the preservation of artifacts and their ability to be displayed for public consumption. We began with a brief review of last … Continue reading “Anthropology and Museums – TMSE”

Primates at Arcadia

  Week 5: Primates Lecture Primates are any member of the group of animals that includes human beings, apes, and monkeys. Apes are closely related to monkeys and humans, they are covered in hair and have no tail or a very short tail. Monkeys are smaller, with tails. Some are prehensile and some are not. … Continue reading “Primates at Arcadia”

Archaeology of West Africa – TMSE

By Rob Barlow For the third week of the Anthropology Outreach Program at TMSE, Annakate and I taught a class on the archaeology of West Africa. Archaeology is a passion for both of us and we were eager to instruct on a topic we care so much about. Our shared goal was to make sure … Continue reading “Archaeology of West Africa – TMSE”

Landscapes at Arcadia

Week 4: Landscapes Lecture Cultural landscapes are created by people’s interaction with the world around them. These landscapes provide a sense of place and identity, they map our relationship with the land over time, and they are part of our national heritage and each of our lives. West Africa has many important landscapes. For example, Sukur is … Continue reading “Landscapes at Arcadia”

Ethnography of West Africa – TMSE

By: Melinda Carr For our second lesson at the Anthropology Outreach program at Tuscaloosa Magnet School Elementary, I led the class in teaching about the Ethnography of West Africa. Since ethnography is  a word that even us Anthropology folks stumble over, I broke it down into ethno (the tribe and people) and graph (to write) … Continue reading “Ethnography of West Africa – TMSE”