Lesson Plans from the UA Partnership

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The next several posts will include the lesson plans we used for the UA partnership with the Tuscaloosa Magnet School. This semester the classes were taught by Taylor Burbach, Meghan Steel, and Erica Schumann, with the direction of graduate student Greg Batchelder. Enjoy!

Week 1: Anthropology and Social OrganizationWP_20140916_001

Activity: Creating a Clan


    1. Prepare to give a brief introduction about yourself

Discussion: Anthropology, culture, and our shared culture

    1. Access prior knowledge about anthropology
      1. What is anthropology? What do anthropologists do?
      2. Why is anthropology important?
      3. Four fields of anthropology
    2. What is culture?
      1. Do we share culture?
      2. Do we belong to social units that are larger than our immediate families?
      3. What aspects of our culture are shared?
      4. TMSE culture? Alabama culture? American culture? Etc.
      5. Ask students to analyze the culture of their school.

Independent practice: Creating a Clan Activity

Students will create a clan and define aspects that define the culture of their clan

    1. Goals:
      1. Create the culture of their clan. Identify what is important to the clan. Determine what sets their group apart from neighboring groups (music, secret handshake, language, attire, beliefs)
      2. emphasize terminology:

Culture: shared knowledge that governs the way that we behave and provides the rules for how we live.

Clan: a group of people who share a common ancestor, real or mythical

Totem: a being, object, or symbols representing an animal or plant that serves as an       emblem of a group of people

Rite of passage: an event that marks a change from one stage in life to another

Symbol: object that represents, stands for, or suggests an idea, visual image, belief, or action.

    1. Materials:
      1. Boxes- washable markers, crayons, pencils, glue sticks, school scissors, tape
      2. Poster board for totems/symbols
      3. Paper for attire
      4. Feathers


Final Comments:

Review points of discussion and terms.

What is anthropology? What is culture?

Is culture shared?

Do we automatically understand someone else’s culture?

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