Mendelian Genetics

Next the kids waded into the deep water.  We brought in centrifuges and had them extracted DNA…Kidding.  Mendelian traits are simple traits coded for by single genes.  Most of the kids have heard of genes and some already knew that genes are simply operating manuals in our bodies’ cells for making and running all the … Continue reading “Mendelian Genetics”

Primate Locomotion

In understanding some of the changes that took place over the course of evolutionary history that led to the differences between humans and other primates, we had the kids discuss and experience some different forms of primate locomotion–that is, walking. To do this, we had the clans divide up as teams and assigned each one … Continue reading “Primate Locomotion”

Primate Food and Communication

Speaking of communication (pun intended–get it?), we wanted to share with the kids how our closest living non-human relatives communicate. How is human communication and symbolic behavior similar or different than other primates? We started by talking about some of the basic similarities and differences between us and other primates (video of primate skulls). For … Continue reading “Primate Food and Communication”

Cultural Diffusion

Once the clans were established, we asked each clan to define themselves. What makes you a unique people? Do you share a common language? Where do you live? What foods do you eat? Members of each clan visited other clans to learn some of each clan’s unique practices and then returned to their own telling … Continue reading “Cultural Diffusion”


So we’re catching up well after the fact, for which we apologize, but we wanted to share with you what the kids have been up to this semester by topics. Naturally, what the museum exhibits the kids constructed conveyed is symbolic information. The garbage symbolized something about a culture, and our young archaeologists were left … Continue reading “Symbology”