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Psychological Distress and Burden Among Female Partners of Combat Veterans With PTSD

This article focused on the partner/spouse relationship that I am currently looking at for my proposal, if it is a bit narrow for my taste. It is specific only to women as the partners. However it did delve in to several interesting aspects such as threat appraisal and to  the partners control over the veteran’s  emotional difficulties to involvement in treatment. Additionally it informed me as to an interesting test for assessing burden an psychological state, BSI-18.

Link: http://ovidsp.tx.ovid.com/sp-3.13.1a/ovidweb.cgi?QS2=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

Military-related PTSD and intimate relationships: From description to theory-driven research and intervention development

This article truly complemented the ethnographic aspect of my proposal. The aim of the is was to look at the intimate relationships that veterans suffering from PTSD maintain and the negative effect it has on those relationships in order to provide insight for later treatment. They in effect paved the way into exploring the true outcome of PTSD, not only with regard to the individual sufferer but to their families as well.  This particular study did not touch on children but it did reference study of the interplay between PTSD sufferers and their offspring  as a future avenue for study.

Link: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0272735809001196