As I’m drinking a cup of coffee now…

It’s almost second nature to coffee-lovers everywhere: when you’re stressed out, you drink more coffee. It helps you be more productive, it helps you focus, plus it helps me ward off a nasty head ache if I don’t drink it. As much as many coffee-drinkers may agree to this, where is the scientific backing? Well, in light of proposal writing comes this fantastic piece of information from the study by Conway, Vickers, and Ward: Caffeine consumption increases during stressful periods of an individual’s life. That is all. (Actually, this research project was pivotal in stress/caffeine/drug studies. It was quoted in almost all of my other sources)


T.L., Vickers R.R. and Ward H.W. 1979 Occupational stress and variation in cigarette, coffee, and alcohol comsumption. Bureau of Medicine and Surgery, Department of the Navy. 79-132 doi: ZF51.524.002–5020.

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