Trauma: The Post Trauma Enviroment

Daniel  Lende expounds on the importance of the post trauma environment on the reintegration process.  The focus is is less on the traumatic origins and more about the different  ways that the post traumatic environment can positively or negatively affect the traumatized individuals’ ability to successfully rejoin their community. He touches on a very basic example from an experiment performed by Paul Plotsky on mother rats an their pups. The experiment looked at how the trauma of separation could be mitigated by allowing the mother rat control of the environment in which the reunion with her pups took place. If the mother rat was allowed to escape the location where she and her pups were originally separated and to seek out new locations for reunion in different room of her enclosure then she was better able to care for her pups when they were returned to her. Even after repeated separations, the pups showed little to no signs of trauma. Granting the mother a new environment as well as individual control over the choice seem to be the major factor in the presentation of trauma in the pups. This is a  very simplistic example of a complex issue, but is was also attacked on the human level.  Brandon Kohrt looked at the reintegration of child soldiers in Nepal and how their reception and treatment affected their ability to thrive in the post traumatic environment. Those that were included in a positive manner tended to succeed  more so than those who returned to their pre-trauma environment or who were treated as outsiders.

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  1. Wow, what an important article. With all of the child soldiers currently fighting in wars throughout the world, it is imperative for aid organizations to examine the post traumatic environment that these children are returning to. I feel this is an important area in which to place resources which will allow for stable environments to be created in which child soldiers can be relocated to.

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