Neuropsychological functioning in posttraumatic stress disorder following forced displacement in older adults and their offsprings

This article looked at the memory deficits that can be caused by PTSD in a comparative study that looked at PTSD suffers, non-PTSD sufferers, and additionally their offspring in an attempt to ascertain the affect that PTSD had on cognitive abilities and depressive symptoms but also whether or not those affect translated into the lives of their offspring. What i found to be intriguing here was the methodology.  The researchers looked at two generations, the parent and the offspring, and three distinct groups, PTSD sufferers, non-PTSD sufferers, and a group which had experienced no trauma. They also administered three separate test to determine placement; Structured Clinical Interview, Beck-Depression Inventory, and the Post-traumatic Diagnostic Scale. The result of the study were found to be null, with the only significant differences between groups resulting from the PDS scores. The offspring generation also seemed to be particularly resilient, with the offspring of PTSD sufferer scoring similarly to the non in the cognitive tests as well as the depressive test. The methodology of the study was beyond reproach though the data is not what I expected the ways in which it was garnered seems highly applicable and is to be emulated.

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