Musings on the Usefulness of Mindfulness Meditation

I’ve been thinking about centering my research topic around an investigate of the usefulness of mindfulness meditation, a practice taken to new heights by the Shaolin monks, in treating the traveling malady culture shock .  It would be interesting to look at several different subsets of travelers: students studying abroad, military members about to deploy, and anthropologists completing ethnographic research.

H1: The practice of mindfulness meditation influences degree of environmental familiarity.  (This hypothesis would involve an ethnographic study of the  Shaolin monks and an examination of the mind-body connection in the novices as compared with the masters)

H2: The degree of environmental familiarity influences how the mind-body connection is perceived. (Questionnaire measuring mind-body dissonance taken before trip and after arrival)

H3: Conditions involving disorientation such as culture shock can be managed by practicing mindfulness meditation. (Half of the subject set to practice mindfulness meditation for 30 minutes a day for the entirety of the trip. Questionnaire measuring mind-body dissonance taken every two weeks)

A student studying abroad in St. Croix.
A student studying abroad in St. Croix.


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