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10 Things You May Not Know About Dr. Cameron Lacquement

Dr. Cameron Lacquement

In our latest issue of "10 Things You May Not Know About," we focus on Dr. Cameron Lacquement, our Director of Undergraduate Studies.

Dr. Lacquement is an archaeologist who specializes in Southeastern archaeology, ethnohistory, and prehistoric construction. His professional interests are prehistoric archaeology, Mississippian archaeology, experimental archaeology, architectural energetics, geotechnical engineering, structural engineering, wood science technology, history of archaeology, marriage and kinship studies, and forensics.

Dr. Lacquement is also the editor of Architectural Variability in the Southeast, published in 2007.


Here are 10 things you may not know about Dr. Lacquement:

1. Was a state champion swimmer in high school.

2. Enjoys woodworking and carpentry.

3. Is the co-founder and pitcher of the Argonauts co-rec intramural softball team (est. 2006). Go 'Nauts!

4. Resume includes gas station attendant, lifeguard, fish and reptile sales, whitewater rafting guide, carpenter, tobacco primer, and 2-year aquatic watermelon wrestling champion (Oak Ridge, NC - July 4th 1996 and 1997).

University of Alabama Press, 2007

5. Once hitchhiked from NC to PA and back---but does not recommend it.

6. Thinks that Ben Affleck is a horrible choice for Batman.

7. Plays classical guitar.

8. Bowls on Wednesday nights in the "Druid City Lousy Bowlers League"

9. Is the second Dr. Lacquement in his family.

10. Knows all 11 herbs and spices in the Colonel's secret recipe.... but he'll never tell.

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