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If you've been reading some of the blogs on this site, you probably know by now that the Biology, Culture, and Evolution class has the opportunity to do genetic testing this semester. I've always thought ancestry was fascinating, and my mom's side of the family has much more mystery surrounding our heritage so I would really like to find out what I can about that. However, I'm also looking forward to some of the information they can give me on genes more pertinent to my daily life and my future.

I am interested in the health issues that 23 and Me will test. I am especially interested in the genes for Tourette's Syndrome and restless leg syndrome. I have read some research recently that Tourette's, RLS, and other tic disorders are very closely related genetically. I have a chronic tic disorder, which is on a scale between Tourette's (requires motor and vocal tics to diagnose) and transient tic disorder (which is in kids and lasts less than a year). My mom has restless leg syndrome, but no one else in the extended family has a related disorder that I know of. Over the next few weeks I do plan on contacting my mother's sisters to see if they, there children, or their grandchildren have restless leg or tics. This is important to me because I'd like to know the likelihood that, if I do have children, they will have a tic. My family has history of stroke on both sides, so I'd like to look at the genetic side of that and how certain medications will affect that.