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23andMe Genetic Results

Just a little over a month ago now, our 23 and me DNA test results came in. After waiting only a few weeks for our spit to be analyzed, the data is all in.

My heritage wasn't particularly exciting, 93.2% was from South and Southern Europe. Although I did have 5.5% from Northern Europe. This could potentially back up one of my family member's claims that I had a great great grandfather or some-such, that was a Swedish sea captain. I also have .3% from the Middle east/North Africa, and <.1% from Oceania, which are both surprising.

When I look at my traits, I see that I am likely a taller than average male, with brown hair, brown eyes and a fast metabolism for caffeine. So, they more or less hit the nail on the head with this. And when I looked at my health risks, I see I am at a slightly increased risk for coronary disease, and a decreased risk for several other disorders and diseases.

This entire process was not only easier than I thought, but a lot faster as well. I would recommend this process to anyone wjo would want to learn more about their heritage and genome.

Fun Fact: the guys responsible for the song "What does the fox say?" did 23 and Me and had their results on their show.  I've linked the segment to the photo below.

I Kveld med Ylvis