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23andMe Results

I was excited to receive the results of my 23andMe test this past week. I had been interested to see the results of my heritage as well as the health risks I am prevalent to in the future. The three diseases I am most prone to are coronary heart disease, type two diabetes, and breast cancer.  None of these are too shocking because I have had family members that have had these diseases. My ancestry was not much of a surprise either, but it was still interesting to find out more about where my family came from. I am 99.7% european which is not a shock at all based on my skin, eye, and hair color. I am .1% Native American and 2.8% neanderthal which is slightly above average.  The only issue I had with the test is that it could not determine my paternal lineage. This is obviously because I am a woman and do not have the y chromosome. The only way I would obtain this information would be if my dad also did the 23andMe test.  Overall, my results showed nothing that shocked me, but they were still interesting to learn about.