This is the blog site for ANT 312 “Non-Human Primates.”  The purpose of this site, like all sites on the Anthropology Blog Network, is to engage in public anthropology while learning. Public anthropology involves addressing issues beyond the discipline of anthropology through direct public conversation with the explicit goal of fostering social change.

ANT 312 is an introductory course to primatology.  UA does not have an active program in primatology, so the goals of this course include introducing students to the diversity of primates, the relationships between humans and other primates cross-culturally and historically, the evolutionary salience of understanding our context as primates, and the urgency of primate conservation issues around the world.

Through this blog site, students will post information about specific primates as part of our “Primate Biography” module, share photos and experiences at zoos with primate facilities (or travel photos and stories if they have gone abroad!), and share other information relative to the course.

“The Monkey Speaks His Mind” is a great song by blues artist Dave Bartholomew that you can hear in the video below.  The header image is from a medieval manuscript. More information about it can be found at http://tmblr.co/Zig9QsrrYyu9 .