Pygmy Slow Loris

This Pygmy Slow Loris is named Otti-ly, the daughter of Basil and Pumpkin. She was born Feb. 5, 2010 in the Minnesota Zoological Garden. She is kept in a dimly lit display environment at her current location in the Philadelphia zoo, so that she is active during the day when guests are at the Zoo.

We chose the Pygmy Slow Loris (Nycitebus pygmaeus) because it was clearly the cutest member of the Lorisoidea superfamily. It is also part of the Lorisdae family, the Lorisinae subfamily, and is also in the Strepsirhini Sub order. The Pygmy Slow Loris Resides in tropical dry forests in the countries of China, Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. They are arboreal creatures that walk slowly through the branches of trees in their native habitat. They eat insects, fruit, and slugs. Pygmy Slow Lorises are primarily solitary, only coming together to mate. This is done when a female communicates to males with a clicking noise, and the male smells her urine on tree branches. The Vietnam war almost brought the Pygmy Slow Loris to extinction, due to the destruction of forests in the region.  Now days the Pygmy Slow Loris is considered “Vulnerable”. You can find Pygmy Slow Lorises in the Philadelphia zoo, the Bristol zoo, and the Lincoln Park zoo.

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