Kimberly’s Human Ethology Assignment

Site:    Hogan’s Irish Pub, 507 Cahaba Heights Circle, Birmingham, AL

Date/Time:  Saturday, February 16, 2010   9:25 p.m.

Environment: Crowded, loud and dimly lit.  Large bar & dance floor, live band

Crowd:  Older adults – average age around 60

Focal Sample:

Subject:    Male, mid-30s, sitting at main bar. Casually dressed, sitting back in bar stool looking relaxed

  • Drinking beer
  • Checking phone/texting
  • Watching women walk by, ignoring men
  • Eyes moving constantly – scanning room
  • Talks to friends but keeps seat between them empty
  • Keeps his eyes on women walking by while talking to friends
  • Orders another beer
  • Checks phone
  • Goes out for a cigarette
  • Comes back in – eyes still scanning constantly
  • Says hello to me as he walks back in (busted!)
  • Sits back in seat and drinks beer
  • Checks phone/texts
  • Small smile at woman who walks by
  • After about 12 minutes of watching this guy check out every woman in the place, a woman (about 60 years old) walks over and asks if she can sit in the seat next to him.
  • He smiles (big smile) and pulls the chair out for her
  • He orders her a drink
  • They talk to each other as they drink.  She turns her bar stool around to look at the dance floor and he does the same.

Scan Sampling:

Three main groups observed:

A.  Three men standing near dance floor

B.  Four older women sitting at the bar – facing dance floor – not bar

C.  Three guys sitting at the bar talking to each other

Scan 1:

A.  Standing, talking loudly, large gestures, drinking beer.  Dressed to impress the ladies

B.  Sitting in barstools, talking to each other and several people who pass by.  Big hair, big makeup, one was wearing a full length mink (no kidding!)

C.  Sitting in bar stools checking out the crowd but not looking at anything in particular, laughing but not in loud or obvious way. Dressed in jeans &t shirts.

Scan 2:

  1. A fourth man has joined the group.  He is as large and loud as the others.  He appears to be telling a story.  Other men are looking at him and around the room as he talks.
  2. Women are still facing the dance floor – talking to each other.  One is on the dance floor.
  3. Watching the basketball game

Scan 3:

  1. Men have moved closer to women at bar.  They aren’t talking to the women but there is eye contact. They are still laughing and talking loudly.

B.        Women are talking to several new people who have arrived

C.        Still watching basketball and talking amongst themselves

Scan 4:

A&B.   Men are now mixed in with women and the new arrivals.

C.        Talking to me and laughing about their friend from the focal sampling who is still hanging out with the older woman.


I chose this bar because it is known to be a pickup place for older people.  I thought it would be interesting to see the differences in what others observed with younger crowds and my observations with an older crowd. At 9:00 things were kind of slow.  I wasn’t even sure my first focal sampling subject would work out, but by 9:30 I had seen four of the five stages of courtship.  (I went longer because he went outside to smoke.)  It was difficult to do the observation at first because my focal subject caught me watching him more than once.  I finally had to position myself so I could pretend to watch basketball while watching him in a mirror.  By then he had already attempted to talk to me twice.  By the end of the scan sampling we were in the middle of the third group I was observing.   A little distance might have been good; however, we were in the middle of a bar on Saturday night at 10:00 so there wasn’t a lot of space.

Danyon’s Human Ethology Assignment

My observation took place at Jupiter on the strip. My first observation was a male who appeared to be 21 due to his wristband and consumption of alcohol. He talked very loudly and used vulgar language towards the group he was with. It seemed as if he wanted to prove how “cool” he was. He would frequently look up to the television and talk about the sports highlight, which he knew nothing about.

In my first group observation I observed a group of 4 guys talking amongst themselves. They didn’t have much to talk about with each other and would constantly talk to the DJ. Shortly after, one of the guys headed towards the exits and they all followed.

Next I observed two groups of people sitting down at the tables in the middle of the floor. At both tables it appeared to be a mix of underage and 21 years old, but in my eyes they all seemed a bit drunk. They didn’t seem to enthused by the bar scene, which only had around 30 people total. Members of the first group would constantly look at their phones, while the other group did the same and stared around.

My last observation was a group of guys and a girl who slowly moved their way towards where I sectioned myself off. One of the guys appears to be flirting with the girl, but she is showing no interest whatsoever. They also mention something about a swap, which leads me to believe they are Greek. Like other groups, not very engaged in the overall bar environment.

Brook’s Human Ethology Assignment

Arrival: 2/9/13, approx. 10 p.m., the Alcove bar

Environment: cramped, loud (but not boisterous), and dimly lit

People: mostly college students/20-somethings, also some older Tuscaloosa “locals”

1.) Focal Sampling Notes

  • Female, early 20’s, more than likely is a student
  • Heavily drinking PBR—finished one, proceeded to order two more in the 15 minute period
  • Initially, was talking to an older male (40-something) but he hugged her and walked off. After that, she sat alone, drinking
  • Didn’t smile, looked very uncomfortable
  • Posture was slouched over, legs stayed crossed
  • Had big hair and lots of make-up, wore an oversized sweatshirt and Victoria’s Secret leggings
  • Did not seem receptive to being picked up but did scan the room looking around, made awkward eye-contact with me twice

2.) Scan Sampling

  • People are socializing, mainly in groups but some individuals have broken away into what appears to be more intimate conversations
  • Most of the groups that remained ended up leaving/going outside
  • Individuals engaged in the more private, one-on-one conversations remained talking, in the same seats/standing positions


With the focal sampling subject, I was able to observe the stages of recognition, talk, and touch. The subject and the man she was conversing with did share contact (touching hands, arms, back) and from the view minutes I was able to observe of them mid-conversation, they seemed very engaged in one another. When the man suddenly hugged the subject and walked off, she almost instantly seemed to be very insecure and self-conscious of everything going on around her. She was looking around at everyone near the bar where she was seated, and did not seem to hold any sort of eye contact. Her limbs were positioned towards her body (crossed legs and arms) and she just seemed very uncomfortable, almost embarrassed. I think 15 minutes was plenty of time for the focal sampling. She seemed comfortable and confident when someone was paying attention to her, and once they were not she seemed to immediately be flooded with self-consciousness.

With the scan sampling subjects, I had a bit of trouble. I believe that 15 minutes may have not been enough time to fully observe and record any meaningful behavior patterns. From what I did observe, however, all five stages were seen. Groups were getting the attention of other individuals, they all were showing recognition to another person(s), they were talking and touching (hugs, friendly gestures), and certain groups did share some sort of body synchrony, but this was mainly seen once individuals separated away from groups into intimate conversations. It was difficult at certain points to observe these subjects because 1.) There was a large number of people in a small area, and 2.) Writing observations down would sometimes take my attention away from what I was looking for.

If I were to do these observations again, I would allow half an hour for the focal sampling, and a full hour for the scan sampling. I think this would be plenty of time to fully observe and record the five stages.

Jessica’s Human Ethology Assignment

1420 Gadsden Hwy
Trussville, Alabama 35235

02/13/13 7:15 pm

  • I was not sure whether to include the initial notes, but since I typed them on the computer initially anyway, I included them here just in case. The Summary and Analysis will be included after the notes.


The lighting is dim and moody. Many people are on their laptops. A group on the couch across the store has gotten comfortable. Many young students, ages 17-22 I would guess. There are a few older men with headphones in, one is in a suit. He seems to have been here a while.  It is quiet except for the occasional chit chat or phone call. Since this isn’t a college town, not many sorority/fraternity types. Mostly people who need to relax. A girl just walked in, mid 20’s.

Focal Study: The girl that just walked in went straight to get her drink. She is wearing dress pants and a white blouse. Looks like she just got off work.

7:25: She picks a seat at a small round table next to mine and pulls out her computer from her bag. She faces slightly away from me and towards the man with the headphones. I can still see her face. She is sitting straight and has her legs crossed, lightly tapping her top foot. Every once and a while, she takes sips from her cup. She stirs her drink with a flick of her wrist and messes with her hair. I notice that she looks at the man a couple of times, but quickly and discreetly. He notices. She keeps a calm look on her face, never frowns or furrows her brows, even when concentrating on her computer screen. She is definitely interested in him, but I don’t think she came here to pick up anyone.

7:35: She is going to the bathroom and asks if I will watch her stuff. Thankfully she can’t see my computer screen. She saunters past his table slowly and deliberately. He notices; he watches her go out of the corner of his eye. He has a smirk on his face. I don’t think she saw that.

7:37: He gets up and goes back to the bathroom as well. There is only one bathroom in the store for everyone’s use. He is looking around, and I am looking down at my computer. He is going in the bathroom! Well this is unexpected. Maybe they already know each other and they are messing around. Kinky. I didn’t look to see if either of them was wearing a wedding band. Nobody seems to notice except for another girl across the room; she catches me looking around and we smile at each other as if to say “yeah, I just saw that”.

7:48: Girl just walks out of the bathroom, followed about 45 seconds later by headphone guy. Yep, they are both wearing rings.

Group Study:The group I will watch is the one on the couch mentioned earlier. They are all in high school, I think. This may not be too interesting.

7:50: There are three girls and one boy. One of the girls is on her cell, the other two giggling at something the boy is doing. He looks kind of feminine. He is showing them something on his phone. They get the first girls attention to show her and she laughs as well.

7:55: The one girl that was on her phone has left. It is just the boy and the two other girls. They are just talking. They are getting up. They left.

Summary and Analysis:

The focal summary proved to be very interesting. The girl I chose to focus on, in fact, did go to the coffee shop to pick up someone, although it seems as if she already knew her target and he knew her. It was like a game. She did exemplify some of the stages;she set herself in close proximity to him (attention getting), she got his attention through eye contact (recognition), although it wasn’t prolonged. Thinking back, she could have been nervous, a plausible mood considering their plan. They did not go through stage three however, talk. Which would make sense if they already knew who each other were and already had the plan to hook up in the bathroom. She did order her drink in a very confident, sexy voice. That could have been for the man as well, considering the woman behind the counter was a woman. The last two stages were not done either, touch and body synchrony. They jumped ahead very quickly to the end of the pickup cycle.

During the Group Study, nothing of interest to the study occurred. They were perhaps too young of a group to focus on, but they were the only group available. The boy could have perhaps been interested in one of the girls who were giggling together at first. I did not observe any of the five stages in the group study.

Christopher’s Human Ethology Assignment

I went to the bar Jupiter on the strip for this assignment. In my first study, I
observed a young male in a red shirt. He was smoking with a group of people at a table
and dancing pretty wildly. He was the guy lighting everyones cigarettes, including the
girl next to him. He seemed to want a hook up, but I couldnʼt tell how far he was going to
pursue it. The girl next to him might have been his girlfriend. On the second case study,
I observed four groups. Two of them were just a group of guys talking. They didnʼt
mingle with any others, and seemed to be dressed the same in jockey athletic clothing.
Another group of guys at the bar also had one drunk guy dancing pretty wildly. There
were a few girls sitting by themselves at the bar, looking like they were ready to get
picked up. The only table I saw that had girls and guys besides the first case study was
another table where guys and girls were smoking together. People seemed to be pretty
distant. The group size wasnʼt too big, and girls and guys werenʼt mingling as much. The
girls were giving off vibes, like at the bars waiting and a few touching guys they probably
knew on the back, but other than that there was no overt sexual energy between the
people in this bar.

Jessica’s Human Ethology Assignment

In order to observe some typical American mating behavior, I chose to sit at Hooters and watch countless advances of creepy old men. Hooters is a very American atmosphere, as it embodies much of our cultural heritage: hot wings, hot girls and cold beer. The inside of any Hooters is not very aesthetically pleasing (it looks to me like a teenage boys dream room, but with tables and chairs), but that’s ok; there are boobs and booties bouncing around in spandex. The food, also, is fair at best, but no one really goes there solely for the food. The majority of patrons are middle-aged men whose wives would most likely kill them in their sleep if they went to a strip club (exaggerated, but true).

I chose a waitress named Lindsey to be my focal individual. She wore the normal Hooters uniform—white Hooters tank top, orange spandex shorts, tan tights, white crew socks and white tennis shoes. She wore her hair in a half-pony-tail and curled the ends. Her makeup reminded me of many porn stars I may or may not have seen. I watched her greet a table of four middle-aged men by nonchalantly scooting into a booth (causing the men to have to shift their bodies to accommodate her) and cross her legs dramatically. She kept her back straight and her shoulders open and made eye contact with every man at the table. During a conversation, the gentlemen each took turns talking, while the waitress turned her whole body towards each speaker (rather than simply turning her head). Much of the laughter coming from both males and female is loud, exaggerated and probably fake.

On my scans around the room, I was very disappointed that there were no creepy old guys trying to hit on young waitresses (I thought that would be fun to witness). Instead, I was confronted with many groups of middle-aged men socializing amongst themselves at tables. A younger crowd gathered at the bar and remained mostly conversational with their immediate neighbors and with the bartender. The bartender spent a whole fifteen minutes wiping down her bar, walking up and down talking with every patron as she cleaned up imaginary spills. One couple I noticed seated themselves at a high-top table and kept to themselves. When the waitress approached, the female sat up straighter and smiled, in imitation of the waitress. Many people stay until the bartender calls last call. Some order one more round, some pay their bills. Everyone leaves with the groups they arrived with.

Hooters is not technically a pick-up spot. It is mostly a place where middle-aged men can gather and be men: drinking beer and fantasizing about hooking up with someone they know will never give them the opportunity. Sex singes the air, yet is not blatantly seen. Waitresses use their sexuality to their advantage, to get more tips, and the men seem to realize this and be content with it.

Andreas’ Human Ethology Assignment

Location: The Woodlands 1100 Hargrove Rd E  Tuscaloosa, AL 35405
Arrival Time: 11:37pm


The open living space of the apartment where the party guest are located in extremely dimly lit. The lighting is so that only the dark figures of people can be made out, and guest must use the light from their cellphones to identify friends. The guest are composed of mostly college students, and few sorority and fraternity members. The atmosphere, outside of the loud music, is not very noisy. Most guess are casually chatting with friends or other guest.

Focal Sampling:

The subject is wearing a short fitted Aztec print dress and high heels. She is walking to the punch bowl that assumedly contains and alcohol beverage. Subject is now drinking said beverage. A tall African American grabs the subjects hand and greets her, and she begins talking to the male. Subject begins to smile and laugh as the male talks, and flips her hair over her shoulder. The male brushes the subject’s waist. Subject laughs and pushed the males hand away, and then takes a sip of her drink. Subject and the male continue to talk. Subject walks away from male, and walks over to a group of women. Subject pulls into one of the women and talks in her ear. Subject and the other woman laugh. Subject begins to dance and sing the lyrics to a song that is playing, and begin to drink her drink again. Subject continues to dance with friends. Subject finishes the rest of her drink. Subject walks back towards the punch bowl and fill up her cup with more punch. She walks over to a group of people, two males and one female. She hugs the exchanges hugs with them all, and begins to hold a conversation with the group. Subject continues to talk to the group for one to two minutes while drinking her drink. Subject walks back over to the original group of women. Subject continues to dance and finish her drink.

Scan Sampling:

The other people in the party are conversing with friends, scrolling through their phones or dancing to the music. Some are standing back surveying the room. A group of people walk outside to balcony to presumably smoke. Individuals are clustered into groups, some people leave their group to go social with people in other groups and then return to their group. Others leave the group to go to the punch bowl.

The crowd begins to get noisy and more people began to dance when a particular song comes on. The song is recognized as “All Gold Everything” by rapper Trinidad James. Many of the women began to dance, and the move slightly to the music. All of those persons that know the words to the song and feel compelled to sing it do, many of them shouting the obscenities in the song. After the song goes off, the crowd returns to the previous mentioned behavior. As more people begin to walk in the party, people stare at them.

People that are new to the party walk in, join a group to stand with or create their own group. One woman begins to complain that someone has put cigarette ash in the punch bowl. Some people began to search for the hostess of the party to tell her about the fiasco with the punch bowl. Some women in the room began to dance slowly and whine their hips to a Rihanna song. In some dark corners women and men are dancing together; the women use the same seductive dance moves. Groups of men in the room stare at the women dancing alone. Some men attempt to get a woman to dance with them. Some are successful, some are not.


Male and female contact at the house party seemed to occur in sporadic instances, and did not last for long lengths of time. Although some groups were composed of both sexes, the majority of the party guests were separated by sex. The alcohol at the party seem to make many of the party goers become more social, and as some of them begin to drink more they begin to dance and mingle more. Other remained completely aloof and their behavior was unaltered by the presence of alcohol. Music was the unifying element of the party. Although everyone at the party was not familiar with one another, they all had similar responses when certain genres of music were played. When a Hip-Hop song was played, the party goers became excited and sang the words together cheerfully. When a slower R&B song was played, the female party goers sang the song quietly to themselves, while some dance amongst friends and others danced with males. A threat to the supply of alcohol caused conflict within the party. Flirting could visually be seen throughout the party. However, women had most of the power when it came to flirting, and chose with guys they would talk to or dance with.


I observed all of the five stages, attention getting, recognition, talk, touch and total body synchrony during my time at the house party. They all seem to occur in this exact order, as one stage seemed to lead into the other, and party guest became more comfortable with each other as they drank and mingled more. Fifteen minutes was amble time to observes the five stages. However, I believe that this was made capable by my arrival time at the party. I arrived an hour and half after it began; thus, this is just when guest were beginning to truly enjoy the party. I noticed that mostly women acted in the attention getting stage, while men conducted the recognition. Talk, touch and total body synchrony were conducted by both sexes. The men approached the women for body synchrony, or dancing, and the women enticed men to approach them to dance. I had trouble performing the five minute intervals, and deciphering what and who was important to look at in a room with so many people, and what was important to put in my observation. If I were to do this this experiment again, I would conduct it with a partner. This would allow us to have different key focuses, and get a better observation of the socialization at the party.

Kyle’s Human Ethology Assignment


I went to the research grounds on a busy Friday night with a friend. For my specimen I chose a Caucasian female with dark brown hair that I could watch over my friends shoulder. She was dressed in a green cocktail dress with high heels and a leather jacket. Her hair was down and her makeup was tastefully done. She was also out with a blonde friend, having a drink at the bar and chatting. This continued for about four minutes, until a male patron walked up and began chatting with the pair. Her reaction was relaxed, she seemed to know the man from some other meeting, possibly school. The subject’s friend began to appear agitated about two minutes in, probably due to the fact that the male was focusing all his attention on the brunette. The male subject was sending signals such as putting his chest out and nodding constantly but the brunette did not seem to be reciprocating. After another minute the male seemed to notice the blonde’s agitation and retreated back to his group of friends. Three more minutes pass with the two women just chatting before two men sit next to them. At this point the brunette seems to have found a possible interest in the male next to her, having looked at him, flashed a brief smile before turning back to her friend and giggling. This is when the subject began to show more noticeable signs of attention getting. She began to play with her hair, laugh a bit louder, and became much more interested in the side of the room that her potential mate was on. At this point the blonde left to go smoke a cigarette. The male took about a minute to either notice or gather up the courage to lean into the subject’s personal space and say something. It must have been well received because the subject laughed coyly and flipped her hair to turn and speak to him. During the next four minutes they begin to people watch through the mirror behind the bar, gently bumping elbows or touching backs of hands to get the attention of the other while they found interesting individuals in the bar to talk about, moving from the talk to touch stage effortlessly. At this point, I stopped the formal research and relaxed my time as the fifteen minutes were up. I did notice that over the next half hour, the blonde returned with a male who she began to loudly flirt with. This interrupted the original subject’s courting though I did notice that the two appeared to exchange numbers before her potential mate left the bar. My position and help from my friend allowed me to patiently observe the subject for the appropriate amount of time with relative ease. Next time I would choose a smaller, quieter bar so that I could possibly hear the conversation.


The scan sampling was done on the same night, at a different bar later on. I saw many distinct groups form but decided to focus on one group of twenty-something males that entered soon after I did. In the first five minutes the group began to seize territory in the bar, taking a booth as soon as it opened and asking a nearby group of females if they were using two stools that were unoccupied. They weren’t, so they were taken back to the group. Then a single male went to procure a round of drinks. After another five minutes a few members of the group, including the original one, had broken off to chat with the earlier female group. There was three men to five females and they seemed to be fairly successful, eliciting copious laughs and flirtatious looks from a few of the females. At the next five minute mark the group of males was not in the bar, due to the bar fight outside that had pretty much emptied the establishment due to how interesting those can be. I would like to complete this survey again at another less rowdy establishment.

Shelby’s Human Ethology Assignment

Date: 2/9/2013

Time: 8:06 PM (arrival)

Location: Workplay Theatre (Birmingham, AL)

550 23rd Street S.


  • very dark, smokey, crowded
  • hipsters everywhere (flannel, PBR and thick rimmed glasses are abundant)
  • older crowd (25 – baby boomers)
  • locals – very talkative (not boisterous); everyone has a drink


  •  white male; 20s; tall; longer brown hair
  • flannel
  • drinking – whiskey and coke, PBR; smiling; swaying; laughing
  • with a flanneled friend (male)
  • swaying to music, occasionally glancing around; not nervous but obviously interested in finding a partner
  • focal point and friend talk and glance around a lot; laughing occasionally
  • lots of eye contact with other women (attractive crowd) – winking or smiling
  • very receptive to all attention
  • makes eye contact with me at 8 min
    • again at 11 min
  • walks over after 2nd round of eye contact
  • “Are you going to dance with me or am I going to have to buy you a shot or two to get your back off of this wall?” *he taps hand on wall I’m leaning against at back of the pit
  • *slight smile* “Well.. I wouldn’t be opposed to either.”
  • *he sees my underage wristband
  • “Oh?” *little uncomfortable – feels like he might be hitting on a 16 y.o.
  • “I’m 19.”
  • “I’m 22” *sigh of relief* *little chuckle*
  • “I’m sure my friends would love your offer” *gesture to my two female friends*
  • begins dancing with blonde; his wingman picks up brunette;
  • dancing only lasts for one song



  • last act (a quiet band) is off stage now
  • crew setting up for main act
  • lots of mingling
  • people leaving to use restroom
    • most come back with drinks in hand
    • bringing drinks for friends
    • friends save spots
  • lots of phone usage


  • crowd is standing around
  • couples
  • women making eye contact with attractive males
  • some guys trying to buy girls drinks
  • most are on phones
  • drinks in hand; cigarettes behind ears
  • pictures
  • waiting for band

10 MIN

  • band comes on
  • crowd buzzing
  • talking; laughing; yelling; raising drinks in air
  • lots of phone usage
  • swaying

15 MIN

  • dancing started
  • some couples kissing
  • some still on phones
  • girl next to me can’t put down phone long enough to drink her PBR

Alejandra’s Human Ethology Assignment

Last night I went to Crimson Café to do my ethology experiment.

It was a Monday night, so there were not many people there, and my results are not as exciting, but I could at least observe some of the stages and characteristics.

Focal Sampling

I sat on the upper level of the Café so that I could see everything else and pretend that I was watching TV while looking at the people.

When I got in, I noticed a girl sitting at the bar, talking very vividly to a man. She was sitting very close to her, as well as to other guy who, then I figured out, was there by himself. I thought maybe he was sitting so close to her because there had been more people at the bar before.

The girl I observed was wearing casual clothes (jeans and a long-sleeved shirt) and glasses. I do not think that she was wearing a lot of makeup, if any.

I decided to use her for my experiment, rather than the man, because she was facing me while he had his whole body turned towards her, which I found interesting.

They were talking the whole time while drinking. She seemed very relaxed and comfortable talking to him, but it did not seem to me that they were a couple. Her face was turned towards him but her body was facing another direction.

She kept smiling and laughing but these smiles did not show me any signs of her being sexually interested in the man, but his body language did show interest in her.

I could not observe all the stages in 15 minutes but I did see a lot of eye contact, some attention getting and body movements (maybe not synchrony).

Scan Sampling

During my scans I observed different people. Since it was a Monday night and there were not many people in Crimson Café, not much really changed during the time I was doing my scans, so first I am going to describe the people I saw and then write about their interactions during the scans.

  • There was a couple sitting near my table. They were eating, talking and laughing, especially her, she talked with many exaggerated movements and laughed very loud.
  • The man sitting at the bar by himself that I mentioned before was using his tablet almost the entire time.
  • There was a small table with a guy and a girl, who to me it seemed were just friends. But I was not so sure of this; perhaps it was my own bias because I thought she would be too attractive for him.
  • In another table there was a group of guys having dinner and watching sports together.
  • There were more people at the end of the bar, but it was difficult to see them from where I was.

First scan: The couple were talking and laughing. I noticed that the man with the tablet kept glancing at them, mostly at the woman, but she was focusing all her attention on the man she was with. Their bodies were almost facing each other, even though they were sitting right next to one another. The subject of my focal sampling was still talking to the man. The guy and the girl were getting a little closer to each other because the noise of the guys watching sports was too loud for them to hear each other.

Second scan: Everything is the same. I notice the bar tender started to talk to the couple and laugh, at the same time that the woman in the couple started talking much more loudly.

Third scan: Three people came in, two girls and one guy, but they only stayed for five minutes and left. The guy with the tablet keeps glancing around the room and it seems to me that he is listening to the girl with the glasses’ conversation. The guys are not so loud now, so the girl with the guy sat back on her chair, while the guy is still pointing his body closer to her.

Fourth scan: The guys have left. The couple is leaving. The woman in the couple is saying “bye” to the bartender in a very loud voice. Everything else is the same.

I think that the guy talking to the girl with the glasses definitely wanted to have sex with her, because of the invasive position of his body. While she, even though she seemed comfortable and maintained eye contact, was not very receptive to his body language.

The girl with the guy, I think, were just friends but he showed more interest in her than she did in him.

These intervals were not enough to see all the stages, I got most of my conclusions from body language and eye contact.