I’m queer

I was very apprehensive in trying this since I used to identify myself as a lesbian and anyone I told would most likely respond with a smart comment like “really, you don’t say”. However in the last several months I have had several conversations with friends on sexuality as being fluid. It is a topic that I have only recently changed my perspective on so I was interested in having the conversation.

The perfect scenario came about though just yesterday. I was having a discussion with an ex and she told me that she has feelings for a guy. She was very nervous telling me this information and disturbed with the idea of being with a male. She asked me if I thought she was crazy for having these feelings. My opinion really mattered to her and my response was “Well I am queer”. She asked me what I meant by that. I told her that I don’t think she is crazy. That having an attraction to a human whether male or female is about chemistry and connection, not merely physical make up. Being queer means having an open identification in terms of sexuality and that your sexuality is fluid. Having this discussion with someone I used to date was not what I had imagined however it was refreshing to share the “queer” ideology with someone who didn’t know it existed.

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