Sweaty T-Shirts

For this exercise, males in the class were instructed to wear a new T-Shirt provided by the instructor for up to 3 days. Males were instructed to not wear colognes or deodorants while wearing the T-Shirt, and to exercise while wearing it in order to get his natural scent into the fibers. Then, the males were instructed to measure the ratio of their 2d4d phalanges.

Females were instructed to come into the HBERG research lab and smell each of the shirts worn by the men, which are now in plastic ziplock bags to preserve “freshness.” Females sniffed the shirts and ranked them on a scale from 1 to 5 where 1= Good, 3=Neutral, and 4=Bad.  Then they were instructed to take a test online and provide their method of birth control as well as which week of their cycle they are on.



The mean age of males was 20.7, the mean GPA was 3.5, and the mean symmetry was .71.

N=14 (7 males, 7 females).

Given the substantially small sample size, statistical tests are difficult to perform. Correlations between male’s GPA, AGE, SMELL RATING and DIGIT RATIO were not significant.
ANOVAs performed with Birth Control and Cycle Week as predictors and Smell Rating were also not significant.


These results are probably due to the extremely small sample size.



Author: Ross

I graduated from the University of Alabama's honors college in May of 2012 with a Bachelors in German Language and Literature and Anthropology with a minor in History. My previous experiences with anthropolgy have been largely based within archaeology. I have attended field school's in the United Kingdom as well as here at Moundville. My Master's research, however, will be on how psychological stress affects biological health with specific regards to hospice, palliative, and other end-of-life-care patients.

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