Queer Activity: Juliann

Yesterday I told my best friend that I was queer. She looked at me and said “is this supposed to surprise me? you talk about how gorgeous girls are and how you would ‘totally be lesbian with them’ reguarly.” I giggled, but just let her keep talking. She continued by asking me questions about my sexuality. I told her it was fluid and something that I believed would change throughout my life. I said I was excited by the idea of exploring my sexuality and wasn’t going to try and define it. She simply said “that’s awesome, I wish I was confident enough to be who I wanted to be without caring about other’s opinions.” I then told a coworker the same thing, and she almost fell out of her chair! She was very confused and asked me repeatedly what I meant. I told her I was a 2 on the Kinsey scale (predominately heterosexual, but more than incidentally homosexual – which is the truth). After I said this, she slid her chair back several inches. She definitely judged me for my sexual orientation. It was an interesting experience. I can only imagine the hostility and confusion people feel when they ‘come out of the closet’. This barely gave me a glimpse into their struggle. I am impressed with all of those who are strong enough to do that.

Author: Ross

I graduated from the University of Alabama's honors college in May of 2012 with a Bachelors in German Language and Literature and Anthropology with a minor in History. My previous experiences with anthropolgy have been largely based within archaeology. I have attended field school's in the United Kingdom as well as here at Moundville. My Master's research, however, will be on how psychological stress affects biological health with specific regards to hospice, palliative, and other end-of-life-care patients.

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